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Everyone knows that the Tower of Alexis is impregnableBut Emily intends to prove them wrong.The Kingdom of Zangaria has finally started its descent into civil war King Randor has declared martial law, imprisoned the pregnant Crown Princess Alassa in the Tower of Alexis and started preparations for a first strike against his enemies The time has come for everyone to choose a side.Emily has arrived in Alexis with the intention of freeing Alassa before her father can have her executed But as Emily and her friends are drawn into a maelstrom of rebellious factions and crown loyalists, of commoners trying to escape the chaos and noblemen trying to make it worse, they find themselves faced with an insolvable problem If they manage to liberate Alassa and put her on the throne will there be anything left of Zangaria for her to rule...

Title : The Princess in the Tower (Schooled in Magic Book 15) (English Edition)
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The Princess in the Tower (Schooled in Magic Book 15) (English Edition) Reviews

  • muck
    2019-04-29 01:50

    Ich mag die Serie, obwohl der Plot gut vorhersehbar ist. Das Englisch ist sehr einfach zu lesen und somit habe ich das Lernen mit einer unterhaltsamen Geschichte verknüpft.

  • Leseratte
    2019-05-16 03:33

    Die ganze Serie von Christopher Nuttal ist empfehlenswert, die Geschichte über Emily, bei der man schon sehnsüchtig den nächsten Band erwartet.

  • Monika Fuchs
    2019-04-30 04:49

    I am addicted but would love to have the patience to wait for the series to complete before consuming the books.

  • Kirk Fletcher
    2019-05-02 03:41

    I love the SiM series, but this is disappointing.It really dragged in the early stages, and there was stuff at the end which could have been expanded on. It also showed signs of poor editing - the number of times we hear about somebody's "lips twitching" was enough to rival Wheel of Time's braid-tugging and skirt-smoothing. (The "surge of sympathy" or "surge of pity" lines were overused too, but not as much as the twitching lips).It feels like Chris has maybe lost interest in writing the SiM books. He obviously has a plan of where the whole thing is heading, but maybe the individual books are feeling like a bit of a chore? Without the filler, this could have been combined with next book, though narratively, I can understand why this book needed to end where it did (because of the teaser/twist ending)There were a number of ways this could have been remedied:1) Combine it with next book anyway (this would have messed up the twist/teaser at the end, which feels a natural place to finish)2) Combine Alyssa's tale (standalone novella) with this book. (that means no longer sticking with Emily's POV)3) Expand the Swanhaven/Cockatrice scenes (can't elaborate without spoiling) - but these were glossed over as an afterthought, after the main action was complete.4) More Void.I'd favour a combo of 2, 3 and 4 myself... or perhaps a rewrite so that securing Swanhaven/Cockatrice is the first part of story instead of the boring travelling on the road and endless repetitions of twitching lips.

  • Thomas Baratheon
    2019-04-24 21:41

    I really am disappointed in this novel. This and the next novel - Emily's attempt to install Alassa on the Throne - should have been one novel. Instead, like the previous two novels, it has been split into two. This is becoming a pattern.Additionally, 60% of the novel is filler, filled with inconsequential ramblings between Jade, Emily, and Cat. The novel really begins 75% of the way in. The author is way too proud of his understanding of how history, power, and economics work. His cursory overview of such subjects - and the surety of his pronouncements - take away from one's enjoyment of his novels.

  • Terrance M Brenson
    2019-05-09 04:50

    I really love this series, but I am truly I unsatisfied by this book. This entry feels more like a short story with way too many words. The first two-thirds of the book is a chore to get through and in my opinion adds no value to the story. It reads like 20 chapters of internal monologue, eventually ending in another weak cliffhanger reminiscent of book 9. The biggest upset is that Emily appears to regress into a little girl through the book. I really expected more maturity from her especially after her “graduation,” I was extremely disappointed to find that nothing changed for her at all. This entry is just a disappointment, comes off as though The writer phoned this one in and is perhaps too busy with other projects.I really don’t mean to be so negative in this review I just wanted to give accurate feedback for the low review. Especially after I stayed silent after reading the afterword of book 9. Seriously lame cliffhanger.

  • Margaret A. Davis
    2019-04-30 23:43

    Obviously, this is a rescue story.Emily, Jade, and Cat are returning to Jade's wife Crown Princess Alassa's home country where both Alassa and Imaiqah are in the Tower. In addition, the latter might be executed (as part of a traitor's family) at any time. (Alassa is pregnant so she should be safe until her child is born.)Emily, Jade, & Cat are forced to take the long way home because either teleporting in or taking the sea route would be likely to get them quickly arrested. The only route left, to have any hope of sneaking into the country unobserved, is overland.Worse, they dare not use magic.So, Jade & Cat are having to make their way as mercenaries for hire who have either a servant girl (or one of them has a wife or sister). They can't take the chance of anyone looking too closely at Emily. This is a very patriarchal society so if Emily dresses as a servant, no one notices her.And yes, of course, this is galling for the very independent Emily.But we get to see "how the other half lives" [that is, the nonmagical members of society] in this book. I enjoyed that aspect.For the aforesaid Tower, think Tower of London but with magical protections as well as the usual mundane fortifications. In other words, they won't be able to just walk in and ask nicely for Alassa to please be released.I am also so delighted to have a new Schooled in Magic book.Yes, all of our favorite characters (except Frieda, who is younger) are now Whitehall [think Hogwarts] graduates (except Emily who dropped out in the latter portion of the previous novel because she had already been offered an apprenticeship with her guardian Void so she really did not need to remain to finish out her last year).This world has so much more to offer than just Whitehall so I'm glad that now we are getting on with it and telling the post-Whitehall story!As usual, a highly satisfying read!

  • Dirk Wauters
    2019-05-08 22:37

    Never read a more boring book than this in this series. It’s supposed to be about magic and adventure but hardly anything happens until 55-60% of this book has been struggled through. I am truly disappointed; it seems the author is no longer interested in the adventures of Emily & Co. Pity.