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Thank you for sticking with Ava and her Five and being part of the adventure You are cordially invited to Merim to celebrate Earth officially becoming a Federation planet.See you at the Oath Forger s palace...

Title : Oath Forger (Book 5): A Reverse Harem Sci-fi Romance (English Edition)
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Language : Englisch
Publisher : Nia Mars 27 M rz 2018
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Oath Forger (Book 5): A Reverse Harem Sci-fi Romance (English Edition) Reviews

  • I.s.a
    2019-04-20 12:18

    I really liked this series. Love how the writer puts down the story on paper. It flows, it is fun still a little to short for my taste. I love how the character are described and I like how the MC grows from book one to this one.It is well written and I like how this book ended. It was sweet and it didn't give me the feeling that things were left open, like I have with some books. You feel lost and don't know what to do next. I was really happy to find out that I didn't have that feeling with this book! I'm really happy I found these book and writer!

  • A. Reed
    2019-03-28 14:34

    I'm writing a review based on the overall series since its a 5-part serial. I really enjoyed Oath Forger. The beginning of the serial was believable in that the MC didn't accept that she was this all-powerful oath forger. No, she thought she was a fake and trying to survive and make life better for earth. There were alot of funny moments bc of this. Ava is a strong female that knows how to take care of herself.The slow-burn with each of the hero's was great. I felt they had their own personalities and could honestly not choose which I loved more. The thing with Tib and Smys was a bit too weird for me. I felt it crossed over a bit into 'magic' rather than sci-fi with explanations for powers/abilities. My one real complaint as to why this is only 4-stars - is that each book is too short & the price is too high for a serial. I felt this could have been combined into maybe 3 books and I wouldn't have begrudged the price.

  • Chris Shattuck-Weill
    2019-04-15 13:14

    Wow! This series is one of my favorites and I have over six thousand books on my kindle. I absolutely love the way Ava thinks and how snarky she is. Of course her five Krek are out of this world, literally. Each one is so compelling and totally different but incredibly hot. All the loose ends are tied up (and so is Ava, but in a completely kinky way). I am so sad that this is to be the last book in the series. I don't want to leave them , we still have Lily to find her heart mates and also Tiem's sister. And we didn't get to see lily come to the Oath Forger's castle to find out how Ava lives. So please Nix Mars, have a heart. Kudos on such a wonderful series! 💙💛💚💜

  • Chrissy.ok
    2019-03-28 13:27

    This story was so good. Suspense, angst, romance, mystery, action, so much sexiness from the five and an HEA. What more could a girl ask for. I would totally recommend this book especially if you like sci-fi or reverse harem/multiple partners stories. The reverse harem aspect was handled splendidly with every male partner fleshed out as a individual character And not just a place holder. And yes there were aliens and some space opera characteristics it's not so overwhelming that it either of those things aren't your thing it shouldn't really affect the story for you. I love how this author planned it out so we weren't waiting around forever to find out what happens. I'm not saying I won't wait for a book to continue a story but it can be a bummer when you can't really remember the details because it took so long to come out; so big thumbs up for this author and her planning schedule maybe it'll catch on with other authors. But overall would definitely recommend it was cute and sexy and had a little bit of everything can't wait to see what this author comes up with next.

  • mhi
    2019-04-05 15:25

    I am obsessed with this series but I think this was a weak ending. It “ties”everything up, but I feel like it could have been better. I loved Ava from the start, she was believable and feisty. I enjoyed all the sexy alien men, and how unique and different they were. Sometimes in RH the males tend to sound similar and you don’t really know who is who. This story is great, but I like I said, it had a weak ending.

  • Twanda
    2019-03-25 09:23

    Okay, so when I wrote the review of book 1, I was just about to start book 5...and up until this point I was fine with the series...Really...Reverse Harem, you know going's going to get steamy. However, the character Roax's sexuality is just too much...well, it was for me. To each their own, but I could have done without some of that...Also, I was disappointed in the way the series ended. The "villain" was rather weak...felt like we as the reader barely interacted with that character, so why would we think it's them?Overall, nice writing style and she manages to keep Ava likable, even in the midst of her that is refreshing. I'm going to read Warload next, and it will be the deciding book on whether I continue to read her books.