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A mysterious entity may be the key to a starships survivalor a terrifying new threatas the Odyssey One series continuesThe Empire has set its sights on its next target human Terrans As effective allies of the Priminae, the denizens of Earth have proven themselves enemies to the Empire, and now the Imperial forces know about the Terran home world than ever before The battle for the planets survival will see the Odysseus first into the breach But perils loom for Commodore Eric Weston and his comrades Theyre at odds with the political conflicts dividing Earths government and challenged by the mysterious presence haunting their vesselits intentions unclear, and the extent of its powers unknown As the Empire brings the battle home, the crew of the Odysseus will need to determine whether this entity will support them in their fight for survival, or prove to be another dangerous foe Theres no turning backand the only way forward may be a pathway to doom....

Title : Odysseus Ascendant (Odyssey One Book 7) (English Edition)
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Odysseus Ascendant (Odyssey One Book 7) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Gregor Schneider
    2019-02-25 02:06

    Couldn‘t turn down the book, what an awesome finish!Given, it became meta-physical from physical in terms of science, but that‘s ok, esp. since it started with the introduction of Central and Gaja already a while ago.However, there are quite some loose ends and open questions which DEMAND this series to continue - you here me, Evan?

  • Nixblicker
    2019-03-13 20:46

    If you have enjoyed the other bits in the series, you will probably like this one as well, however it feels like kind of a gap-filler until we can get Vol.8 and get the full might of the Empire on our protagonists.If you are new to the series, you won't miss much.Still good writing though.

  • DIMI
    2019-02-20 03:00

    Rarely does a series keep getting better as it goes along. This one most definitely does not; it started bad and became worse with every sequel. This latest sequel is by far the worst example of chthonic trash so far.

  • Dallas Foard
    2019-02-22 22:47

    Evan Currie has outdone himself with this book, the seventh in the Odyssey One series. This book picks up where he left off with Commodore Eric Weston and his ship Odysseus.He moves the reader rapidly from the point where Odysseus first approaches Weston, through multiple well written battles, and into another climactic battle above Earth for the survival of our civilization as we know it. His writing style, as always, manages to bring us introspective moments with Weston and his other characters, introducing new aspects of Odysseus, Gaia, and Central, as well as bringing back many of his other characters.He even introduces a new character into the mix - Saul. One who appears to be more than slightly ambivalent towards humankind. He also begins to flesh out the Empire, dropping multiple hints as to the true power behind the empire.I would recommend this book to any reader, of course after reading the first six books in the series. It was such a compelling read that I found difficulty in putting it down, and literally read through the entire book in two days of free time.The Odyssey One series, as well as Currie’s other series, On Silver Wings, are both on my must read list.

  • Catherine Mackay
    2019-03-11 05:05

    On an entertainment scale this series has been fantastic - exciting battles, plenty of tension, great story-telling, plot and characters. On the just-good-story-telling scale its ditto for the points I mentioned above. On the tech scale - I love the tech and really it doesn't have to make scientific sense (and doesn't offend me when it doesn't) because really the most important thing is whether or not I enjoyed the journey the story has given its characters (and me). When all is said and done, I have enjoyed the Odyssey story from the get go and found myself batting for humanity and the Priminae to come up trumps after the suffering they've endured, first from the Drasin problem and now with the Empire. By the end of this latest book, I am eagerly waiting for where Currie takes the story and finding out who the heck this Saul guy is because quite frankly there is something nebulously frightening about him. Overall, Odyssey Ascendent is a fantastic addition to the series - loved the battles, on the fly tech developments and of course the 'hail Mary' at the end which temporarily concluded things with the Empire. Looking forward to the next book in the series :)

  • NightRain
    2019-02-24 22:49

    One of the very best I have read lately! Keeping in mind this is the 1st time I have read any work of the author, I was pleasantly impressed with the writing style, and with the plot. I have just finished the 7th book in the series( audible mode) and I only wanted one thing - THE NEXT ITERATION.I do not really have any important cons for this series. I have enjoyed every one of the books, and boy, what an amazing ride it has been. About the audible I'd like to mention that the 2nd narrator (starting book 4 I think) was much better that the 1st one, which was a little to flat for my tastes. Also, the authors couldn't agree to some pronunciations. For example 1st started with Milla, than switched to Mia, then the 2nd went back to Milla, etc.I also do hope, that by the next book, they will figure out that a good resealable bag should help with the transition sickness, instead of splashing it all around the ship...jeez, not sure how they didn't figure that one, awesome job Evan, and I can't wait for the next book. Please don't take too long!

  • Zoltan Nagy
    2019-02-24 20:39

    I have read all the Odyssey books and enjoyed them. Great, hard-core sci-fi story, with space battles. However there was always an element of the story that bothered me that actually peaked in this book: the god-like entities, Central, Gaia and Odysseus. I cannot see their role in the story. Anytime they appear the reader have to go through lenghty philosophycal descriptions of how they can feel and hear the thoughts of everyone on a particular planet or ship, how can or cannot they comprehend human behaviour, etc. But they do not do anything apart from that. If this thread were removed from the novel completely, nothing would change. Evan Currie, please get rid of these supernatural entities in the next book!I found one thing also confusing. At the end, during the battle over Earth, the Terrans managed to use a weapon that can hit and destroy targets many light years away. The Terrans destroyed a military shipyard around an Empire planet as well as destroyed one ship in the invading Empire armada over Earth. I understand why they waited to use this weapon against the shipyard, they have just found the coordinates of it late. However I just cannot find any plausible explanation for why did they wait to use this weapon against Empire cruisers until they arrived to Earth? What prevented them to use this weapon earlier while they were still attacking Priminea systems?

  • Charles F. Kartman
    2019-03-09 00:55

    The Odyssey One series is great reading, and this chapter in the unfolding struggle among the three human races (Terra and its Priminae allies vs. the Empire) moves it along nicely. It starts slowly, taking almost the entire first half of the book to get into the action, but since much of the time is spent poking a bit further into the intelligences known as Gaia, Central, and Odysseus, it is time well spent IMHO. Another entity enters the picture, but not much is revealed yet. More insights into the Empire still leave key questions unanswered.