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Must read romantic suspense USA Todays Happy Ever AfterA heart pounding thriller about a womans secretsand a past thats about to come out of hidingfrom New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones.As an FBI profiler, its Lilah Loves job to think like a killer And she is very good at her job When a series of murders surfacethe victims all stripped naked and shot in the headLilahs instincts tell her its the work of an assassin, not a serial killer But when the case takes her back to her hometown in the Hamptons and a mysterious but unmistakable connection to her own life, all her assumptions are shaken to the core.Thrust into a troubled past shes tried to shut the door on, Lilahs back in the town where her father is mayor, her brother is police chief, and she has an intimate history with the local crime lords son, Kane Mendez The two share a devastating secret, and only Kane understands Lilahs own darkest impulses As corpses surface, so does a series of anonymous notes to Lilah, threatening to expose her Is the killer someone in her own circle And is she the next target...

Title : Murder Notes (Lilah Love Book 1) (English Edition)
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Murder Notes (Lilah Love Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Bianca @BJsBB
    2019-04-25 13:01

    4.9 StarsLilah is a 28 year old FBI profiler living in Los Angeles.Something bad happened in her hometown in the Hamptons a couple of years ago, but now she's living an okay life as a successful agent away from the town, her family and her ex - her Dad is the mayor, her brother is the police chief and her ex is the son of the town's 'crime lord'.But a series of dead bodies lead her back to Long Island. And it's not a coincidence. Something, or rather someone is leaving clues that are connecting the killings to Lilah.Does someone know about the secret she's been hiding?Only her ex Kane knows about it.If she doesn't want to lose her career and her life and that of the people she loves, she needs to find the killer and/or the person who ordered the killings.But it's not that easy with her family and the whole Island knowing her and watching her every move. Unable to trust anyone! And with the bad guys always one step ahead ... .WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO LILAH? WILL SHE CATCH THE BAD GUY? READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT ☺__________________________Well, that was exciting!! I really enjoyed reading it.It's so completely different from other LRJ books.It's a mystery thriller suspense thingy. Not a romance. Which sounds a bit bad for a romance lover like me - but don't worry - there are some shades of romance in here - and there might be more coming. ☺I couldn't stop reading. I just had to know who and what and why and how and what will happen next??? And who can we trust and who is bad and who not and grrrrrr!?!?!And I also wanted Lilah to find her happily ever after - but since it's not a romance, that might not happen ... yet. There are a few candidates though. ☺We will also get a tiny little cliffy. The second book will be out in July. BUT - Lisa is really good with putting little summaries into the front of the second book in a series! Very good for people with #Bookalzheimers!Anyway. I really enjoyed this story.It was super exciting and suspensy and mysterious ... you just can't stop reading!You want to hurry to the end of the book and catch the bad guy(s) with Lilah! ☺ And then we want to see everyone live happily ever after.But the story is not only completely thrillerish. It's also the story of Lilah. A bit funny, a bit moving and a bit heartbreaking, a bit hopeless.... Lilah is a very complex character. She's really funny and sarcastic and ... kinda amazing and strong. But also very broken and hurt. And she's not really trying to heal from what happened. She also doesn't really give the men in her life a chance to fight for her. She's ... very ... complicated. That is definitely what Lilah's Facebook status would say. Not only her FB status - her life status! ☺ #ComplicatedA few readers might even think the story was a bit complicated too. There are LOTS of names and people and suspects and family and ex partners and whatnot in this book. But surpisingly, I almost always knew who we were talking about ... that kinda never happens to me - I'm confused extremely easily! ☺I also loved how Lisa described everything. I felt like I was right there with Lilah. I even tasted her chips and smelled Kane's cologne and felt the moist ocean air. Amazingly written. Some might even say that the detailing was a bit too much, but I really liked it!Really great book. There's nothing more I could think of to say - there is lots I could say - but I don't want to spoil too much - you need to read it!!!If you want to compare it to a TV Show, I would say it's a mix of Criminal Minds & Revenge!I wouldn't mind seeing this on Netflix one day!!! I really need to see Kane!! ☺►► MURDER NOTES was an amazingly exciting mystery thriller!Run to your nearest amazon to find out if and how Lilah will catch the bad guys!

  • hcrowley00
    2019-05-15 09:01

    Murder Notes is a captivating and consuming murder mystery that will keep you on your toes and keep your mind spiraling.Lilah love left behind her home and her past lover over two years ago and is now a FBI agent. When a series of murders in LA lead her back to her hometown, Lilah is forced not only to face her past but to face the possibility that her life could be in danger.I kept my recap pretty basic for the simple fact that I want readers to go into this without much expectation. From the blurb, you know that there are a series of murders and that somehow Lilah is connected to them. What we get from all of this is a history that is do deep rooted in the Hamptons that it's easy to question every single person in Lilah's  life. No one is off limits and the entire time I felt like every one was a suspect.I like the way Jones wrote the store to keep you captivated and to keep you guessing. Just when you think you have everyone figured out, something changes that and you are back to square one again.Without giving anything away, I'm just going to say that it's been a while since I've been so intrigued by someone as mysterious as Kane Mendez. I didn't get enough of him in this book and I'm dying to get my hands on the next one. Not only to find out answers but to just get more of him."I could say no. I should say no. But he is the answer to the storm inside me that hasn't been answered in far too long. And he owes that to me."If you are looking for a romantic suspense that gives you a feisty FBI agent with a dirty mouth of a sailor who has a lot of men from her past and present that give her a run for her money and quite frankly test her nerves every single second, then Murder Notes is the book for you!

  • Jen B.
    2019-05-08 15:02

    Murder Notes is book 1 in the Lilah Love series. Lilah is a woman with a dark past. She works for the FBI as a criminal profiler. She's good at what she does. She's bad at the all the people stuff in her life. People in her life call her "murder girl". At the beginning of the story she gets called to the scene of a crime and finds herself investigating an assassination style killing that forces her to head home and face the demons of her past.Lilah's boss, Director Murphy, sends her to the New York to investigate a case that might be related to the case she's working in California. Unfortunately for Lilah, another body shows up in the Hamptons around the same time.. Lilah swore to never return to the Hamptons after she left but now she has no choice. She has to confront her family, friends, enemies and her past in order to solve the crime.The cast of characters isn't huge but it appears that they are all important to the story. Lilah is dating Rich. He wants a relationship with things like public dates and moving in together. His character doesn't get a lot of development in the story. Kane Mendez is the ex-boyfriend. He's a man with ties to the mob and with a set of questionable morals. He still wants Lilah. Eddie Rivera is a police sergeant in the Hamptons who doesn't like Lilah and doesn't want her investigating the case. Lilah's brother, Andrew, is the chief of police. Her friend, Beth, is the medical examiner. And Samantha Young dated Lilah's ex-boyfriend, Kane, before Lilah. There are others but the bottom line is that Lilah thinks it's possible they are all involved in some way with the murders but she just can't figure out how.Lilah believes that the murders are all related and that they are all assassinations. That is not a spoiler! In the end, Lilah doesn't know who she can trust, who is leaving her threatening notes or who is involved in the murder. It's a sticky situation because her family is clearly tied up in the mess somehow!The timeline bothered me a bit. Based on the intro, I thought Lilah was in her 30's but she's in her late 20's. While it shouldn't make a difference, I can't understand how she worked for the NYPD and got FBI training and has the reputation she has in such a short time frame. I also struggled with some of the intuitive leaps that LIlah made. I felt like Lilah needed a partner to bounce her ideas off so that the conclusions she was drawing were not quite so out of the blue.We are left with lots of questions at the end of the story. I think the second book should be an action packed story!I recommend this story to anyone who likes contemporary mystery stories. There is a "romance" subplot but nothing romantic happens in this story. If you don't like cliffhangers, wait to read this story until the next book comes out.Quotes:I don't argue. I step around him and dart for the living room, pausing in the doorway long enough to say, "Lock up when you leave. Sick ***** love me." I take off for the front door."What the **** does that make me, Lilah?""The exception,".... loc 204And I don't show emotions because I don't feel them anymore. loc 987I read an ARC copy of this book

  • Brenda
    2019-05-03 15:33

    I received an arc for an honest review.This is the first book in a new series and maybe this authors best book. It is the story of an FBI Profiler named Lilah Love. She comes from a long line of cops. Her father was the former chief of police and now her brother Andrew is chief of police.She has several murders to investigate. Everyone wants to call them a serial killer but Lilah doesn’t believe that is correct. Then another murder is found to have happened in New York City and she is sent back to the Hamptons to consult and see if it is related to the cases in LA. Just as she arrives home another murder happens in the Hamptons. Coincidence?When she gets home she encounters her ex Kane Mendez who also happens to be rumored to be the head of the Mendez Cartel. But claims to only be head of Mendez Enterprise.Lilah & Kane have a secret from when they were still together. Someone starts visiting Lilah and leaving notes telling her they know what she did.Will we find out their secret? Does Lilah & Kane still have chemistry? Will they act upon it?

  • Beth Swain @ Carolina Chic’s Read
    2019-04-30 11:39

    Lilah Love is an FBI profiler and she is great at her job. When a series of murders starts to hit too close to the secret she has kept close, she must return home to try to solve the murders without anymore happening. She believes this is the work of an assassin not a serial killer. If she gives into the clues it may lead her closer to her the connection of her own life, everything she assumed will be wiped aside and her life will be shook up.Lilah having to return home puts her directly in the path with the local crime lord’s son, Kane Mendez. The two share soul thirsting love and a devastating secret; only Kane understands the darkness inside her and who she is inside. As more clues surface Liliah must decide to get inside the mind of this person or become the next target?This first book to this series is just as mesmerizing as the Inside Out Series and will keep you just as hooked- Elizabeth @ White Hot ReadsIt's been a while since I read a book from cover to cover in one sitting! #Fantastic ~ Elizabeth @ White Hot Reads