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u THE NINTH INSTALMENT IN THE HANNE WILHELMSEN SERIES.Long awaited sequel to Anne Holt s massive bestseller 1222.It has been eleven years since Hanne Wilhelmsen s life was forever changed by an assault that left her wheelchair bound Now, Hanne s self imposed exile is nearing its end When Oslo comes under attack from Islamic extremists in a series of explosions, the city is left reeling A militant group claim responsibility, but the Norwegian police force doubt on the authenticity of the declaration, and the group s very existence The unfolding drama is brought to Hanne s door by her former partner Billy T., who is convinced that his son, Linus, is involved in the recent events He begs Hanne for help But Hanne soon learns that she cannot protect Linus, Billy T or the people of Oslo Those bent of destruction are one step ahead, and many lives will be lost before the truth is revealed Don t miss this unforgettable sequel to Anne Holt s biggest bestseller 1222 and penultimate novel in the Hanne Wilhelmsen series....

Title : Offline (Hanne Wilhelmsen Series Book 9) (English Edition)
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Offline (Hanne Wilhelmsen Series Book 9) (English Edition) Reviews

  • ReadingGrump
    2019-03-30 07:43

    Hanne Wilhemsen is back, and she's working for the police again: she investigates cold cases. Given a handy assistant, she can do so from home, and, in fact, barely leaves her apartment for the entirety of the novel (twice, I think, and one of those times is for a family dinner). That means other characters have to do the leg-work, and that means that there isn't that much Hanne in this Hanne novel.Which would be my first complaint.The investigation is interesting. Both the cold case, and the "current" background, which is a series of terrorist attacks that are very vaguely connected, of course, are well-handled. They make sense. They might not be perfectly realistic, but they come across as credible.And the people investigating them come across as real people, too. Billy T and his family problems. Hakon and his questionable political incorrectness and vague jealousy. Henrik and his troubles for being "different". And all that is "shrouded" in solid social commentary, without being too moralistic about it (obviously Holt doesn't like extreme right-wing fear-mongering and agitation, but who in their right mind (ha) does?).Uncharacteristically, I found some mistakes or at least dubious statements in the novel. Might be an issue of the translation? The "couldn't care less" phrase is misused once. And then there's this mysterious "You can run it via USB." sentence, about a laptop with no Internet. What's "it"? The entire laptop? Well, admittedly, you can run an OS from USB. But I doubt that's what they're talking about here, and it's unrelated to having internet-access or not. So it's plain mysterious what that statement is supposed to imply, and getting that sort of detail not right is just annoying (especially since Hanne has become at least a bit of a "tech geek").But again, it might just be a clumsy translation (same translator as always though)Either way, by far more annoying was the end. The series never had an inclination toward "everything neatly wrapped up". It's expected that there's a sense of "we solved this, but there's still work to do" at the end of it. But this time? Yeah, they figured "it" out. But the novel doesn't go a step beyond that. Who knows about any consequences? Certainly not the reader. How the characters feel about "it" is stays largely unanswered. It just cuts off.Maybe that's fine for some, but I wanted a bit more. Another chapter. An epilogue. Something. So, I left the novel kinda dissatisfied, and that always sucks.Hopefully, the supposedly last, next novel will wrap things up better. And, as a vague but justified fear: please don't end on a too dismal note?

  • Miki101.Michaela 🐭
    2019-04-17 05:22

    ... left her more than just externally damaged heroine were she was. In her loft, with her wife and her little daughter. To be called back to the Oslo Police in times like this, only to resolve cold cases - that is really a kind of humilation for the first-class Detective Hanne Wilhelmsen has always been. And she surely is only paralyzed from the waist down, not in her head. So when on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 a devastating bomb destructs a moderate Muslim meeting center , causing the death of 23 persons, she is NOT under those to be called to help. And when Billy T. arrives at her door after 11 years to seek urgently her help, I wanted to slap that Hanne-person she has become right into her righteous face. Because it wasn't Billy T.'s fault that she went right into the lions's den for first and took the bullet. But everybody but herself is guilty for her living in a wheelchair. That bomb cracks Hanne's front window - and what does that woman do? She sends Billy T. to - WHAT? Help? Investigate or what? He is no police any more! And Billy T. runs - like the brave doggie he has always been. Since he had 22 years and fell desperately in love with Hanne. Now his son Linus, 22 years, seems to be in trouble. Of the "religious" kind. But she can not or will not help him. After the bombing soon a video appears with an apparently Muslim man, accepting the responsibility of this act of terror in the name of a Muslim group that call themselves "The Prophet's TRUE Ummah" Obviously a violent splinter group of the peaceful group The Prophet's Ummah, who claim to have nothing bad in mind for the population of Norway. But nobody thinks of asking Hanne to join the investigating group - they send her a very promising, but slightly odd young man - one Henrik Holme to resolve the disappearance of a young girl, Karina, in 1996. Absolutely a cold case. But this case will be resolved by Hanne and Hendrik, and it has in itself created the motive of the bombing, and the others that are following...OK - nice try of the author Anne Holt to re-insert Hanne Wilhelmsen - but I loved better if she stayed where she was. Everything is wrong about this self-centered woman she has become. Like maybe every other woman in her situation would have become. But everyone there outside is the culprit for Hanne's life in the wheelchair. I did not recognize Hanne Wilhelmsen any more. For SHE was SOMEBODY when she was able to move around like a blaze. But she was never able to cope with herself being a normal, but handicapped person. So this bombing case - as abstruse it may look, and how absurd the plot may be, that is revealed slowly but surely to the readers long before the Police has their marbles together - HAS to be resolved by Hanne and her new doggie Henrik. Who isn't even allowed to claim the success of resolving the case in the TV. Too strange a type, the poor young man. But the Department of Police of Oslo and Norway did their best to present themselves like a bunch of fools. And the lack of a state-of-the-art communication and co-operation between the investigators made me really shake my head with desperation, sometimes...No, I really wish that Anne Holt would have left Hanne out of a high-profile inter-racial case like this. And IF she should ever return - Dear Anne Holt, let her re-enter on TWO feet, without the wheelchair. There are really ways to repair certain damages at the spine - give her a real come-back that is worth her glorious past, please. Or let her die in peace...(Review for Kindle eBook, bought and verified on

  • L. .G. avid reader
    2019-04-19 23:44

    Great as usual. This book was a bit disconcerting for me though. I was hoping that the racism that we are experiencing in America - was confined to America. This book shows that it is more of a global phenomenon. Which really upsets me. I read a book - non-fiction - several years ago that said that as climate change and population growth continues - and resources become more scarce - that we would see an increase in this behavior and feeling. It seems to be actually playing out now... worldwide.So as you can see, this novel is about Hanne and Billy-T - and a new character Henrick. As Henrick and Hanne work on a cold case - they discover information that leads to terrorism that is occuring in Norway.. hatreds and racism brewing beneath the surface. Couldn;t put it down

  • Sally Castanon
    2019-04-12 04:28

    Well written continuing story. It's a bit sad because of the injury sustained by Hanne Wilhelmsen but she's still a very strong woman. I have read most of the book but have not read the ending just yet by choice. Don't want the book to end.

  • Nick Rasic
    2019-03-29 05:35

    As with her other books, Anne Holt brings the reader into her characters and situations with clarity and depth. Always a great read.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-04-02 23:43

    I feel as though these characters are part of my family, and each successive volume tears at my heart a little more.

  • kili
    2019-04-23 05:23

    Anne Holt is simply brilliant. Excellent book. I could not put the book down. Loved Hanne and Henrik.I cannot wait for the sequel.