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The second book in the heart stopping The Darkest Minds trilogy, by New York Times bestselling author of Passenger, for fans of Divergent and The Hunger Games.They call her the Leader Their saviour and only hope Only Ruby knows what she really is a monster, capable of destroying them all.Ruby never asked for the abilities that almost cost her life Now she must call upon them to bring down a corrupt government in a world where children have been eliminated When she is entrusted with an explosive secret, she embarks on her deadliest journey yet leaving the Children s League to track down Liam Stewart, the boy who carries the truth about the disease that threw the world into chaos The boy she once loved and hoped never to see again A riveting emotional read that kept me on the edge Melissa Marr, author of Wicked LovelyAlexandra Bracken is the New York Times bestselling author of Passenger, Wayfarer and The Darkest Minds series Visit her online at and on Twitter alexbracken....

Title : Never Fade: Book 2 (A Darkest Minds Novel) (English Edition)
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Never Fade: Book 2 (A Darkest Minds Novel) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Books_to_get_lost_in
    2019-04-05 08:25

    Wo fange ich nur an? Vielleicht mit Ruby.Wie schon in meinem Review zu The Darkest Minds erwähnt, mag ich Ruby. Alles, was sie macht, ist nachvollziehbar und ihre Entwicklung ist realistisch. Ihr Charakter wird härter - jedenfalls versucht sie härter zu werden, um zu überleben - aber sie ist keine Erwachsene. Die Welt, in der sie lebt, ist eine gefährliche und sie ist keine Killerin. Also zweifelt sie an sich. Also bricht sie manchmal ein bisschen.Etwas anderes, was ich ebenfalls mag (liebe trifft es eher), ist, dass ihre Welt sich nicht nur um Liam dreht. Natürlich vermisst sie ihn und sie denkt an ihn, aber nur ab und an. Ich war vorbereitet, dass sie jeden Tag mit "Liam, Liam, Liam" verbringen würde. Glücklicherweise war diese Vorbereitung umsonst.Ich liebe Happy Ends, aber ich will, dass es ein realistisches Happy End ist. Die Charaktere müssen die Hindernisse überwinden ohne eine magische Lösung, durch die in zwei Minuten alles gut ist. Alexandra Bracken nimmt nicht den einfachen Weg, ihre Charaktere müssen leiden und ich liebe es.

  • Vlora (Reviews and Cake)
    2019-03-30 14:29

    I LOVED The Darkest Minds. After I read the first chapter of Never Fade (it was included at the end of my copy of The Darkest Minds), I was a little worried that it would focus more on EPIC LOVE OMG and less on all the awesome people and the interesting plot from the first book. Well. That was SO not the case.I had trouble getting immersed in the book at first, which was partly because I was preoccupied with university stuff and partly because the book starts out in a slightly different setting, and there are some new characters we’re not yet familiar with. I wasn’t thrilled about this, but after a couple of chapters I was IN. The book took a different direction than I thought it would in a VERY good way. I don’t want to say too much, but a lot of the elements that made the first book so good make a comeback. The new characters add to the story, but we also get to see some familiar faces.At around page 100 things start to really pick up. Like The Darkest Minds, this book has nonstop action and there’s never a chance to get bored. Ruby’s world is filled with horrifying people who do terrible things, and the author never shies away from that, but there are also random moments of kindness that almost made me tear up (if you’ve read it: STAY SAFE OMG). There was just as much, if not more, focus on friendship and survival and coping in this book than the last and I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. I really like Ruby, even though she makes questionable choices sometimes. As a matter of fact, I like Alexandra Bracken’s characters BECAUSE they make questionable choices and they’re flawed. It just makes them that much more interesting. Plus: the snark. The snark also helps. Up until the very end, Never Fade just DELIVERS. Remember all those great second books in trilogies? Me either, but this book avoids second book syndrome like I avoid team sports (so… very well, in case you don’t know me).This review is a bit on the short side, but that’s not because I don’t have anything to say about the book. I took a lot of notes while reading (by notes I mean capslock-ridden, stream of consciousness ramblings that include a lot of emotional outbursts at pivotal points in the story), but everything I want to freak out about would give something important away, so I’ll just be content with staring at you creepily while trying to hypnotize you to read the book, so I can talk to someone about it.

  • biochemie
    2019-04-10 08:34

    Die Bücher kamen, wie versprochen innerhalb eines Tages an. Allerdings waren die Kanten durch die Verpackung leicht geknickt und etwas abgerieben, was für mich als absoluter Buchliebhaber sehr schade ist.

  • Maggi
    2019-04-07 12:26

    Ruby arbeitet nun für die Childrens League, damit Liam gehen konnte, doch dieser erinnert sich nicht mehr an sie. So ist ihr einziges Ziel der League dabei zu helfen die restlichen Kinder aus den Camps zu befreien, doch alles scheint schwerer zu sein als erwartet.Wie auch im ersten Teil def Reihe ist die Spannung in diesem Buch atemberaubend. Durch den Stil kann man alles sehr gut mit den Personen mitfühlen, wodurch man beim Lesen eine Achterbahn der Gefühle durchmacht.In diesem Buch geht es um tiefe Freundschaft, Liebe, Zusammenhalt, aber auch um Macht, der Kampf ums Überleben und Intrigen.Beim Lesen kommt es einem vor als ob man sich einen Film anschaut. Man kann alles gut mitverfolgen und verstehen, wieso die Personen manchmal auch sehr schwere Entscheidungen treffen müssen.Deswegen finde ich die Protagonistin aber auch so sympathisch und interessant. Auf ihr lastet schwere Verantwortung und das Einzige was sie möchte ist ihre Freunde in Sicherheit zu wissen. Sie zeigt große Stärke und tut alles was nötig ist und sie zu retten auch wenn sie ift selbst darunter leiden muss.Allgemein ist dieses Buch kein lockerer Jugendroman, sondern eher melancholischer und dunkler Roman über eine grausame Welt und darüber wie die Jugendlichen versuchen sich selbst zu retten. Es ist immer wieder interessant wie Menschen, besonders Jugendliche mit schwerer Vergangenheit, in extremen Situationen reagieren und sich weiterentwickeln. Dieser Aspekt ist in dieser Bücherreihe sehr realistisch dargestellt. Man kann auch die Veränderungen vom ersten Teil sehen und zu was für Erwachsenen die Jugendlichen langsam werden. Dazu hat jedef seine eigene Art und Charakter, wodurch alle Personen sehr individuell sind und auch ihre eigene berührende Geschichten haben, wodurch sie einem ans Herz wachsen.Die Handlung an sich ist sehr spannend und teils passieren recht unvorhersehbare Dinge. Durch die Cliffhanger am Ende fast jeden Kapitels, hätte ich das Buch am liebsten an nur einem Tag gelesen, weil ich immer wissen wollte wie es weitergeht und wieso etwas passierg war. So auch am Ende des Buches und ich kann es garnicht mehr abwarten bis zum dritten Teil.Ich kann diese Reihe wärmstens weiterempfehlen, es einer der besten Dystopien, die ich je gelesen habe.

  • Raina N
    2019-03-24 15:41

    This book was so much better the first one! we left off in The Darkest Minds as Ruby (rather rudely, I might add) wiped all traces of herself from Liam's memory, a move that I imagine left many of us distraught. The Darkest Minds was full of action, and Never Fade has even more thrilling, suspenseful escapades and missions.We are introduced to three new characters who are Children's League agents- Vida, an acerbic, honest and hilarious Blue, Nico, a small, fragile Green, and Jude, a sweet, naive bubbly Yellow.Vida particularly was such a brilliant addition to Ruby's family, and every scene she was in had me cheering for her.Kate, the CL agent who originally tried to recruit Ruby is also an intriguing and brave character who is further developed in this sequel.RUBY undergoes tremendous character development through the novel-she is no longer the frightened girl ashamed of her Orange abilities. She is willing and ready to use them unflinchingly and brutally against anyone who threatens those she loves.I'll address a couple worries I had before I began this book, just in case anyone else happens to be taking them into consideration before they purchase this title. Mild spoilers ahead! Ill try to keep things as vague as possible though!Clancy Gray DOES take an important role in the latter half of this book.Ruby and Liam and Chubs DO meet again.Suzume (Zu) is NOT present in this book at all, though she is mentioned.The book DOES end in a bit of a cliffhanger.There is NO love triangle in this book (in case you're thinking/cheering for Ruby and Clancy to be a thing) that grammar was atrocious sorry lol yikesThe reason I gave this book 4/5 vs. 5/5 is because I, for one, have a lot of questions about the state of the US and IAAN.Is IAAN still an active disease? Or has the outbreak ended, and now the population of children is decimated, with only the Psi kids and young children who constantly are getting checkups left?At the very end of the book, Clancy reveals something that he's done that I don't really understand his reasoning for at all, and I was left a bit flabbergasted.A few plot twists occurred in this book that I struggled to comprehend the logic and reasoning for. I felt that insufficient background and explanation was provided for things like what Clancy did (sorry about being so confusing and vague-I don't wish to ruin the book for anyone)The way that Ruby put a curtain over herself in all of Liam's memories was just so disrespectful and unacceptable, and I don't think her actions were sufficiently addressed and resolved with Liam.ALSO- the romance isn't very active in this book. Ruby loves Liam still, and is thinking about him constantly, but there is so much action and intense scenes that there isn't much time to think about romance. Bracken makes this work just fine though.If I sound like a supercritical person who didn't ready enjoy this book that couldn't be farther from the truth. I absolutely adored this book and I love the series. It is one of the best books I've read this month. READ THIS BOOK!I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO FANS OF: the Shatter Me series by Tahareh Mafi, False Memory by Dank Kronos, Unwind by Someone Who's Name I Forgot, and The Young Elites by Marie Lucas.

  • Steven M. Brown
    2019-03-25 12:48

    I wavered between a 3 and 4 star rating for this story. They are some excellent character developments and a couple twist that I was not expecting and kept the story a bit interesting. At the same time while the characters had a goal of retrieving some critical information how they went about doing it, and the happenstance that followed, disconnected me from the story. I actually took a couple days break before finishing off the last quarter. For a story that spans the country there was a bit too much perfection in how and when events took place. when the bad guy or good guys need to find somebody somehow they do even when the area they're looking inis the size of a state.Amanda Bracken did get a 4-star rating from me here because of how well she developed made the characters. even characters that only appear for less than a part of a chapter have an intensity that makes them feel real and at times tragic. With the characters constantly on the move the settings were varied and vague at times but also carry and dystopian ambience. The plot is where the story trips on itself a bit and happenstance takes over to guide characters to the end.If you like a story that is lengthy and filled with action a bit of heartache and romance with the characters never really getting a chance to rest this might be for you. It does get a bit dry at times but there is enough action to keep it interesting.

  • Emma
    2019-04-13 15:52

    This novel was even better than the first one. How is that possible? After the cliff-hanger that was the ending of the first novel, readers were forced to wait for this novel to be released before they could find out more. Readers are immediately thrown back into Bracken’s dystopian world.This novel was fast paced and full of action. I felt like the story was complex enough to keep my attention going while wondering what is going to happen to every character that readers get to meet. The ending did feel a little predictable to me in this one, which was a little disappointing after the ending of the first novel.I felt that the characters in this second novel were even more important than in the first. They are the glue that holds this story together. Readers get to meet new characters in this novel who only help to strengthen the storyline. Ruby has come to be a very well rounded protagonist, who I’ve come to appreciate.Overall, this book is a good sequel to the first novel. I feel like this book is meant to be the bridge between the first and third novel. These novels have been a lot darker than I expected in YA, but it’s a nice break from the “happily ever after’s” that happen so often.

  • B.T. Bell
    2019-03-31 08:26

    I wish that people who write decent first books weren't pushed to finish the second one such that it's garbled. This one had a pace that left too many disconnected dots and felt rushed. Also a little too dystopian without any relief or fun. And the silliest premise throughout the book is this flash card that is such a big deal that they go to find and turn over to someone. And no one thinks to try to look at it or copy it at any point-even though the future of all of the children affected is at issue. I can overlook a lot of details if a story is good, but that one was too ridiculous to ignore.