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Title : Essential .NET, Volume I: The Common Language Runtime 1st Edition by Box, Don, Sells, Chris (2002) Taschenbuch
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Essential .NET, Volume I: The Common Language Runtime 1st Edition by Box, Don, Sells, Chris (2002) Taschenbuch Reviews

  • Mario Löfler
    2019-04-19 23:09

    Kein anderes Buch hat mir so viel über .NET erzählt wie dieses Buch. Aber vorsicht, es ist sicher keine Anleitung und kein Einsteigerbuch.Es ist eine Referenz und Erklärung - fast - aller Konzepte und Techniken die in und hinter .Net stecken.Angefangen von dem wie .Net Klassen behandelt, über Applikationen und Assemblies, weiter über Code Security, Code Generation, Code Insertion, ...Don Box bereitet diese Fülle an Information auch so auf dass man sie verstehen kann. Wo einem andere Autoren gerade mal die Anleitung geben wie man etwas macht, do gibt einem Don Box auch die Information warum man es so machen sollte und auch wie das dahinter aussieht.Eines ist Schade: Bis jetzt ist der im Buch angekündigte 2. Band noch nicht erschienen!

  • Bradley J. Wilson
    2019-04-06 00:54

    Don't let the first few chapters of this book fool you: this is a book for hardcore .NET developers. It shouldn't be the first book you buy about .NET, as it goes into incredible detail about the fundamentals of the .NET platform. For example, when you learn about using types on the platform, it's not just a pragmatic approach to writing code: it shows underneath how the system does what it does. This gives you a fuller view of the system, and lets some of the mystery disappear. The knowledge makes you a better "big picture" developer.Don thinks at a high level, and writes very concisely as a result. By any other author, this book might've been a 1400 page mammoth; I'm amazed at the valuable data he's packed into just over 400 pages.Some developers may the material in this book unattainable because of the concise and in-depth technical material. Those who do grok it will find it invaluable. This book was well worth the wait for me.

  • C. Jackson
    2019-04-26 23:49

    This is not the book to dive into first if you want to really get .NET. It's actually a fairly interesting mixture of what I now consider obvious and what I never stopped to consider. If you are just starting out, I would begin with Richter's book, and then digest this one quickly afterwards. There is a significant amount of overlap, but your final understanding will be very balanced.

  • Brian Graf
    2019-04-22 00:44

    This book is a must read if you want to truly master the CLR. Don is the man!

  • Ivan Dawni
    2019-03-30 05:12

    Almost Ok!

  • Southern California .NET User Group
    2019-04-16 07:11

    This book is worth reading if you keep in mind that its main purpose is to uncover the little quirks and secrets of the CLR. As the author states, it isn't intended to be a tutorial and shouldn't be your first choice if you are new to .NET programming (I'd recommend the excellent Applied .NET Framework Programming by Jeffrey Richter as a good starter book). However, reading Essential .NET could potentially save you lots of time sifting through the MSDN documentation to find out why your program is not behaving exactly the way you think it should (you know, those little, tiny, nasty bugs that prove to be the hardest to find). As with any book that tries to cover such an extensive ground as the .NET CLR is, there are tradeoffs in the depth and extent with which the author describes each subject. In this case, Box chose to highlight the details of the inner workings of the CLR that we, as programmers, must have present to make efficient and appropriate use of the runtime facilities. Chapters one through five deal with basic concepts that, in my opinion, are best left to an introductory book and are not worth more than skimming through them, although you could always find a golden needle hidden in the haystack. However, on chapters six and after, the book really takes off and you'll probably find new things to learn page after page.Although the crucial details are clearly exposed, this book is by no means exhaustive, I believe it can be considered more as a base from where you can start researching further about the subject of your interest. For example chapter seven, "Advanced Methods", deals with stack/message transitions, proxies, sinks and contexts. All these concepts are very well covered but I didn't get the eureka! feeling until I read Ingo Rammer's Advanced .NET Remoting and could see those concepts in action and realize their importance.All in all, a book that deserves a slot in your .NET library (a slot somewhere in between a pair of good tutorials and the in-detail books about the areas of the framework that draw your interest). I would consider it a good investment of your time and money and I also see myself coming back to it (specially back to chapter 6-10) as a refresher. -- Review by Julio G.