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Martha, the youngest daughter of fanatically religious parents, is all too aware that her family is unusual Taunted and bullied at school, and lonely at home, with only postcards from her elder sister to keep her sane, Martha knows there has to be some other way of living But it is only when she is befriended by the new boy, Scott, that she decides to reveal the terrible secret that has so far kept her in emotional chains....

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Abomination Reviews

  • Thelse Schliebs
    2019-02-28 20:40

    Meine Enkelin brachte mir dieses Buch und schlug vor, es mit ihr gemeinsam zu lesen. Das haben wir auch getan, und ich muss zugeben, dass ich nach unserer ersten gemeinsamen Lesestunde "heimlich" allein das Buch zu Ende gelesen habe, weil es so spannend war. Enttäuscht hat mich der Schluss, weil ich fand, dass die Eltern viel zu glimpflich davon gekommen sind. Allerdings ist das Buch für Kinder/Jugendliche geschrieben, und für sie ist dieses versöhnliche Ende sicherlich gut so, denn die Handlung als solche ist schon unvorstellbar grausam, und ein "gerechtes" Ende im Sinne des Strafgesetzbuches wäre eine weitere Grausamkeit für Martha gewesen - und für die jugendlichen Leser. In sprachlicher Hinsicht ist dieses Buch meiner Meinung nach für Schüler eine gute Einführung in die englische Umgangssprache. Sie erfahren, wie englische Schüler mit einander sprechen, und das ist ja doch ein bißchen anders als die englische Schriftsprache aus dem Lehrbuch.

  • Mister Madel
    2019-03-17 03:38

    Einfach viel zu schräge Charaktere. Für ein Jugendbuch zu verstörend. Musste zweimal neu Anfangen und mich durchbeissen. Schon viel bessere über Isolation gelesen.

  • Z. Özoguz
    2019-02-25 03:21

    Das Buch ist leicht verständlich und auch sehr spannend geschrieben, hinterlässt jedoch einen negativen Eindruck über Religionen, daher nur 3 Sterne.

  • TeensReadToo
    2019-03-18 22:33

    Martha is bullied at school because of her clothes and introverted personality, but Scott is also new at this school, and feels sorry for Martha. Soon he, too, is being bullied by the other kids.In ABOMINATION, the bad guys are a religious extremist group that encourages child abuse, dictates what its parishioners wear, and regulates how they behave. It is a condemning look at a religious faction in which the families do not have television, computers, or cell phones.Twelve-year-old Martha is not allowed to have friends, and can never invite anyone to their house...they might learn of the actual Abomination that lives in the basement.Her older sister, Mary, was expelled from the family at age 16 for bad behavior, and now sends an occasional post card to Martha, which is promptly torn up by their father, and then retrieved and saved by Martha. Though Martha is required to feed and care for the Abomination, the identity of this creature is not revealed until near the end of the book.When Martha realizes what has actually happened with her sister, she and Scott decide to try to contact her, and the suspense kicks into high gear as the kids defy Martha's parents to right a terrible wrong.Swindells has crafted a compelling novel that will keep you reading to the very last page.Reviewed by: Grandma Bev

  • tschingis
    2019-02-23 01:22

    Martha Dewhurst is the maincharacter of this book. She's a 12 year old girl. She has an older sister, Mary and a little nephew who is called Abomination by Martha's parents. Martha is picked on at school because she is so unlike the others kids, no T.V., no huge room, no cool clothes and worst of all no friends. Martha's parents belong to a strange religious group, called The Righteous. Her parents don't let her go out. And she never could bring anybody home because of Abomination. At school she's called Raggeddy-Ann and she's treated badly by other pupils. She has to do some jobs at home but the worst is to feed Abomination. She often has nightmares about that. At the beginning Martha is very lonely, not self-confident and shy. She does what her parents say and at school she bears the gibes.'She puts up with everything . . . She pretends not to notice the space round her chair or that nobody speaks to her. She doesn_t ask to borrow anything or try to start a conversation. She sits with her eyes down, concentrating on her work, and if Wheelwright asks her a question she ignores the sniggers and answeres quietly, and it's usually the right answer. It's as if nothing can push her over the edge. She's like some helpless little animal. Never cries.' (p. 15)She is a sad girl who only waits to 16 so that she can away like her sister. Martha is weak at the beginning and strong in the end. She feels so happy when Scott becomes her friend. He is the first who she could tell what hell her life was like: the beating, the church, her sister and even Abomination. With Scott Martha is happy, she feels good.And she slowly becomes a new person. She is brave at school and at home.'I wouldn't have done it a few weeks ago but this was the new Martha. Martha, the sister of Mary and the special friend of Scott.' (p. 114)She dares to say what she thinks. And she wanted to find her sister, to get Abomination out of the cellar. But she loves her parents so she doesn't want to inform the police. She will never be able to forget what her parents have done to Abomination and also to her. But in the end she lives a 'normal' life with Mary and the child. She has become more self-confident and can do what she wants.Scott Coxon is new at school, just arrived in the village. He has to sit beside Martha. He gets new friends fast but when he sees that Martha was treated by his friends he doesn't want to belong to them.Scott wants to understand and help her. He has very nice parents, and is a self-confident boy.He has all the things Martha doesn't have. A huge room, TV, friends, nice parents, cool clothes and also a computer with Internet.Scott really likes Martha.'...we were having this silent conversation. I was talking to her in a way I'd never dare do if she were really there. Martha, I've fallen in love with you. I know you're going to say we're only twelve, but it's true. I just think about you all the time. I want to look after you.' (p. 170)Martha's parents Mr. & Mrs. Dewhurst are very strict and conservative. They are followers of a strict religious group, they say that she is too different from others. She's not allowed to go out or listen to pop music because they think it comes from the devil. Her father is an agent for an insurance company. He works very hard. Sometimes he beates Martha.Her father thinks he's doing the best. He doesn't want Martha to have friends, especially she mustn't bring any of her friends home because he is scared that somebody could find out the truth about Abomination. They do this cruel thing, they put a child in a cage in the cellar, but they think they do the best.'They think it's the right thing, you see. They wouldn't do it otherwise. They'll have prayed about it. Listen for the still, small voice. Oh I know they're weird, Scott, but they think's best. What they believe God wants.' (p. 143)Martha's mother works the evening shift in a soft toy factory. She is absolutely behind her husband. But when he beats Martha she doesn't really agree.She's just a woman and has to do and think what her husband wants, also in the book she's not as important as her husband.InterpretationThe story shows how cruel people can be. The author shows how people can get strong and self confident and that sometimes one person who likes you is enough. We also see in this book how a life can be destroyed by parents and how children can be intolerant if someone is different.The author will make you think:What would we do in the same circumstances if we were Martha or Scott? I hope that we would have the courage to do what they did; to think for themselves and not follow the crowd. Do we stand by when we know bullying or abuse is taking place? Would we have the strength to follow our own instincts of right and wrong even if the wrong was our own parents and their religious beliefs? These are such difficult issues to face.Subjective EvaluationThis book is written in 60 chapters. Every chapter first says whose point of few it is, Martha's or Scott's. So you could understand howthey feel. It's a very interesting book because when you start reading you can't stop because you want to know who or what Abomination is. It's not very difficult to read. It's just a good book which I would recommend to everybody again. It's well structured and it describes very the feelings between Martha and Scott sensitively.

  • Robin Kratz
    2019-03-10 03:26

    Es werden in diesem Buch Religionen extrem einseitig beurteilt und swindells lässt dem leser eigentlich keine freie meinung haben. Sonst aber nicht schlecht