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A beautiful fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, the most delightful of all fairy tellers that tells of two rogue weavers who offer to tailor a very vain Emperor a very fine suit.Annotated with author biography and an introduction by Serena Stone.Illustrated....

Title : The Emperor's New Clothes: annotated and illustrated (Hans Christian Andersen) (English Edition)
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The Emperor's New Clothes: annotated and illustrated (Hans Christian Andersen) (English Edition) Reviews

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    2019-02-20 08:40

    Has everyone taken leave of their senses? This book was given to my 5-year old niece as a Christmas gift. When the time came to read it to her as a bed-time story, the text was so inappropriate as to warrant a complete departure from the written text in favor of ad-libbing a more suitable, coherent story. Who is the audience for this book??? Because of the title, we made the honest mistake of believing that this was a children's story, which after reading it we have discovered that it clearly is not. The book was completely inappropriate for a small child, but I wonder who it as meant for? The scatalogical humour would be most appreciated by the 13-year old crowd, but I have a hard time believing that these kids would pick up a copy of what they only know as a fairy tale. I can only draw the conclusion that the book was targeted directly to those members of the People Magazine set who require only a celebrity name to give the book any credibility. After reading the book I was angry at having bought into the hype myself and not checking it out more thoroughly before buying it, instead of trusting the quality based only on the "Speilberg factor" which has, until now, been a pretty reliable when it comes to movies. The initial anger has passed and has now changed to more of a real disappointment that some of our most respected celebrities - many known to be interested and active in children's issues and whom I beleived cared about giving children quality culture - were a part of this and that so many of them participated with such a poor quality contribution when given a terrific opportunity to come to the market with that rare children's book that raises the common denominator. I will surely be accused of taking this all too seriously and not having a sense of humour which isn't true. Had the book been funny and truly written with a child reader in mind - or billed as something other than a children's book! - I would have no problem with it (although I still wouldn't have liked it). I'm pleased that the proceeds go to the Starbright foundation and the thing is not a total loss.

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    2019-03-16 13:45

    After hearing General Schwartzkoff promote this book, I immediately ordered it for my new grandson. I knew it would be a few years before he could understand it but thought this would be a book to treasure until then. I sat down with the CD playing to follow along expecting to be delighted - and I was from time to time. The illustrations are wonderful, everything I had hoped for. The narration, alas, is not. My overall impression is that of an inside joke and it isn't the Emperor being naked. The famous personalities that contribute to the narration should add to the entertainment value but I confess I was often bored. Was this written to amuse adults? Robin Williams was an exception. I could imagine my grandson giggling at his portrayal but thought there needed to be much more humor or wit in the other characters to hold a child's attention through a fairly long story. I love the concept and admire the enormous effort that went into this project. I really wanted to be thrilled. I will give it another try. Another small quibble: the CD narration varies from the words on the page quite frequently, for those that use a book to teach reading. That might be a bit confusing to a child.

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    2019-03-08 11:31

    This book is a retelling of the classic story by a few dozen celebrities writing and performing (on the CD that comes with it)the parts of the various characters in the book. I was not at all happy to find that a book that is certainly meant for small children contains much that I found inappropriate for my 4 year old and even my 8 year old. This collaboration turns out to be an opportunity for some well meaning, but clueless, celebrities to entertain and impress each other. Many of the characters are needlessly mean spirited and vulgar. Between the 'potty' humor of Robin Williams to the use of the term 'schmuck' by Fran Drescher there is plenty to make me put this book/CD in the trash. There were several classy and thoughtful contibutions including those from Angela Lansbury and Nathan Lane, but this was not enough to make up for the other shortcomings.If you like the cause send in the $30 and tell them to keep the book and the CD.

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    2019-03-08 13:29

    As a Reading Recovery and Title I reading teacher I am thrilled when a book comes out that gives children an opportunity to enjoy literature in such a unique and non-threatening manner. I work with children everyday that see reading as a chore and never pick up books on their own. This book, and hopefully more like it, allow a child to listen to a story with (quite a bit!) detail and descriptive language. It is fairly long but can be listened to while playing,etc. This book, I believe, was not intended for reading aloud or teaching reading and a great deal of the content is way over a young child's head - as is a good Bugs Bunny cartoon! That's what makes this book so wonderful for children of all ages! The content and language will grow with them and they will pick up something new everytime they listen. Do not buy this book as a follow along or to teach children to read. Buy it for fun!

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    2019-02-20 15:21

    I loved this book!! The content was entertaining to me both as an adult and a parent. Illustrations are wonderful---I don't think a single major illustrator has been left out; and the reason the book was created (Starbright Foundation) is a good one. I was prompted to purchase book after seeing Gen. Schwarzkopf interviewed on the Today show---he piqued my interest, but the book is even better than I had expected. CD that accompanies the book is terrific, very entertaining---especially in the car. The fact that the text varies a bit, makes the authorship of each character even more believable. This book definitely has something for everybody, especially the underlying moral of honesty is the best policy. After this past year, this is a lesson all of our children can benefit from and most adults too. Well done by all!