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As one of Earths greatest leaders, Commander Jax Spartan lives his life by a strict code Dedicated and alpha to the core, he is the epitome of what every Elite soldier aspires to be Second in command Sullivan Archer rules by his best friends side, and together they form an unstoppable force that few are foolish enough to challenge Jax and Archer have always known theyd share their chosen, but their hearts have already been claimed by the woman theyve vowed will belong to them.Alliance scientist Serra Lysander is a genius who has kept the planet safe with her inventions Shes lived a sheltered life, separated from society by her brilliant mind and her overprotective mother The only time Serra has truly ever felt accepted is with the two men that will cost her everythingWhen danger leads Serra straight into the arms of Jax and Archer, they will do anything to keep her safe, even claiming her despite the fact she is off limits With the future of the Alliance on the line, will their love and dedication be enough to save them, or will they be too late to stop the growing threat from destroying them all...

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3013: CLAIMED (3013: The Series Book 3) Reviews

  • Ela Smith
    2019-02-27 17:35

    A great combination. Makes you curios for another episode, how are the others manage? Do they got the ones they want? Well, yeah, they do, but how? Definitly additing.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-03-17 12:53

    This book was really bad... seriously I didnt have many expectations but it was worse than that! I didn't finish it...

  • Sue Me
    2019-03-19 13:32

    ​The story opens with our heroine, Serra, being interrogated by members of the high council, and they are not very nice about doing it. They have reason. Some important technology was stolen and sold. This technology will protect the Alliance home worlds. Jax and Archer burst into the interrogation room and state that she is theirs and that 'this interrogation' is over! She is later questioned if she agreed to the claiming, she did. They remove her to a quiet place as she is traumatized by theevents. They call in a D'aire and his partner to do the questioning. The D'aire immediately senses a whole in her memories. Things are just starting to get really interesting in this wonderful story. The sex scenes are hot and delicious, but they are not gratuitous for the sake of sales. Many are the adventures and dangers to be faced in this exciting book. What a great series! I am so glad that I found it. If you love sci fi and also like menages, these are for YOU!

  • Joyce J. Ruskuski
    2019-02-28 13:39

    I really like this series. I think the thing I like the most is that while this is a series it is written by several different authors and so the stories are all different but yet interconnected and carry the thread of the series without rehashing aspects over and over. The prologues are all the same and there are references to the scrolls and fertile vs none fertile females and how the family units are formed with menage elements they all have a interesting twist on the main theme.This one was no exception. The only derogative I can think of is that they are a bit on the pricey side. Other than that, to my way of thinking, there is nothing that should interfere with your enjoy of those wonderful and imaginative stories. The authors each bring a different perspective and a flare that is unique to them. I think this one is particularly fun. I loved that the general of have claimed a chosen that they have loved since they were young men at the academy. They have waited for her forever and know she is the one but she remains elusive and off planet never getting close enough for them to claim and they would not have done that any way. They respect her for genius she is and are aware that she has been given the right to chose her own mate. They know it is them and they are impatiently waiting. There is a major surprise in the one and I will not spoil it for you. Read this one and enjoy every minute of it.

  • Lovesbooks
    2019-02-26 18:40

    Like the title suggests, this book is about a woman who is claimed by her childhood friends as their mate. After Alliance scientist, Serra Lysander, gets falsely accused of illegally selling a secret weapon that she has personally invented not too long ago. Commander Jax Spartan and Second-in-command Sullivan Archer, claim her as their mate to save her from being accused of treason and the consequences from it. Once everyone realizes that Serra is not to blame for the sale of the weapon, an interesting investigation is conducted to figure out who is behind the nefarious dealings. There is plenty of interesting intrigue and mystery to keep the reader interested, besides a bit of humor from Jax and Sullivan's friends, sizzling love scenes, and touching reunions between Serra and her estranged fathers. The only thing that I wish was the case was for Serra to have not known her mates since childhood. It would've made for interesting reading if they had not known each other that long, in my opinion, but I'm glad that things worked out in the end as all books do in this genre. Overall, interesting book.

  • Michelle
    2019-02-25 19:48

    At first I wasn't sure I'd like Serra paired with Jax. At our first introduction of Serra I felt she seemed much too meek and too mild mannered for the two Commanders. However, the author misled me, and I was pleasantly surprised to see she had a curious and very healthy appetite for the Alpha men - and Serra was even able to give those two steamy hunks a run for their money in sexual fantasies. Haha. Also, I'd like to state that many erotica novellas don't have much of a story but Laurie Roma was able to weave an intriguing story filled with betrayal and angst while giving us plenty of H.O.T. sexy scenes that were not gratuitous nor repetitive. A new fan of hers for sure. And can I just be a little selfish and jealous here and say why can't a woman really have that kind of sexual energizer stamina???? 😀

  • Future Author
    2019-03-19 18:44

    I wish that the author had spent more time writing about the plot in this story rather than the love scenes. The love scenes were kind of long, drawn out, and monotonous rather than romantic. The content of the story was actually very creative, but sadly, a lot of the outcome of the story was left to our imaginations. I would have liked to know what happened to the characters found guilty of treason? What happened to a woman in that society once the bond with her husbands have been dissolved? Etc. Etc. Etc. However, overall I really like this series, and I enjoy anticipating who will be caught up in the next love or hate relationship.