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History happens all around you And, occasionally, to you.I could have been a bomb disposal expert, or a volunteer for the Mars mission, or a firefighter, something safe and sensible But, no, I had to be an historian.It began well A successful assignment to 17th century Cambridge to meet Isaac Newton, and another to witness the historic events at The Gates of Grief So far so good.But then came the long awaited jump to the Trojan War that changed everything And for Max, nothing will ever be the same again.With the bloody Battle of Agincourt playing out around her, Max risks everything on one last desperate gamble to save a life and learns the true meaning of a second chance....

Title : A Second Chance (The Chronicles of St Mary's Series Book 3) (English Edition)
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Publisher : Accent Press 11 Februar 2014
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A Second Chance (The Chronicles of St Mary's Series Book 3) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Tamara
    2019-05-24 05:02

    Max und St Mary' gehen auf weiter Reise in die Vergangenheit. Diesmal besuchen sie Troja, Agincourt und andere Plätze.Bewertung:Ich mag diese Reihe sehr. Vielleicht weil ich mit Geschichte viel zu tun habe und gerne solche Zeitreisen unternehmen würde. Ich mag den Stil der Autorin, vor allem ihre Sprüche über Historiker, die irgendwie wie Insiderwitze klingen, auch wenn jeder vernünftige Historiker es abstreiten würde. Selten mache ich mir so viele Notizen in den Büchern mit Sätzen, die mich zum Schmunzeln bringen (und die ich mal gerne zitieren würde).Die Ereignisse sind gut recherchiert, ich finde die Beschreibungen vor allem bei Agincourt sehr schön und präzise. Über Troja kann man natürlich streiten (das tun die Historiker sowieso), aber die Idee wie es abgelaufen sein könnte finde ich schon faszinierend.Was irgendwie in diesem Teil im Vordergrund steht, ist die Beziehung zwischen Leon und Max und die Hintergründe über St Mary's. Vor allem wie Leon und Max zu dem Job gekommen sind, ist sehr interessant. Die Andeutungen aus dem anderen Büchern werden schon teilweise gelüftet.Nicht gefallen hat mir das Ende, wo Max in einer anderen "Geschichte" (Dimension) landet. Ich kann schon verstehen, dass die Geschichte weiter gehen soll (es freut mich auch), aber irgendwie finde ich es irritierend. Trotzdem werde ich weiter lesen und freue mich auf die weiteren Teile.

  • Susan Williams-Goebber
    2019-05-20 09:02

    Well just finished reading this wonderful book. And all I could say to this ending was f...k. why did she have to stop right there? I`m not telling you what happened at the end, you should just read it yourself.I hope the 4th book has been written, and is coming out soon.The story line has`nt changed. This time Max gets to go to Troy . Is there a wooden horse? She gets herself into trouble again. So no change there.There are some tears that flow and some un-answered questions which have now been cleared up. If you are a St Marys Fan as I clearly am, you will love this 3rd book.Jodi has made history fun to read yet again.

  • freo
    2019-04-24 06:13

    It is the third book in the series. Great read. If you love history, crime, thriller,mystery,fantasy or action,then this book is for you. Its all of the above mixed with a great sense of humour. Read it.

  • SuziQ
    2019-05-11 09:16

    Ein toller dritter Teil und ein Muss für alle, die den ersten/zweiten Band gelesen haben. Das Ende bleibt offen, denn es folgt ein weiterer Band! Hoffentlich kommt er bald heraus.

  • Frost
    2019-04-26 06:58

    "A Second Chance (The Chronicles of St. Mary’s Book 3)" by Jodi Taylor continues the story of our intrepid time-traveling historians, and the story just keeps getting better and better. This is the third book describing the universe of St. Mary’s, so we’ve learned the rules of time travel and the dangers of messing up the timeline, but Jodi Taylor makes the situations our crew finds themselves in to be fresh and exciting.For some reason I can’t quite articulate, we seem to be more intimately in Max’s head this time. Max is getting older, she estimates she’s actually three years older than her chronological age due to time spent in the past. She’s also assuming more responsibility at St. Mary’s, becoming a permanent fixture of the management structure. All the while she keeps promising herself that the next jump into the past is her last jump. You can’t quite believe it, of course. There are lots of reasons why. The “Second Chance” of the title takes on multiple meanings for Max and Leon, both professional and personal.So where are we off to? A comically bizarre encounter with Sir Isaac Newton, an almost fatal trip to a 19th-century version of the cheese rolling ceremony in Gloucester, and witnessing the first successful migration of humans out of Africa tens of thousands of years ago.But the most memorable trip of the book is to witness the fall of Troy at the hands of the Greeks in the Bronze Age. Jodi Taylor does a masterful job making the whole event come alive, and like Max, we realize that we’re not reading dusty pages in a book, but experiencing real people trying to survive the horrors of war. The words on the page seem real.The story finishes up with two incredible surprises. Max ends up in the Cretaceous Period on an unscheduled trip with dramatic consequences and Max and Tim Peterson visit the battle of Agincourt for a historic survey that ends up being anything but. Second chances to act differently or pursue relationships differently are the ongoing theme of this book. You will want to grab the next book in this series as soon as you can.

  • S. K.
    2019-05-18 05:11

    I just finished it and I'm... Stunned... This series is really good but this one knocked it, and me, out of the park. I was laughing so hard one minute (ok maybe for 15 minutes) then I was in tears and then I'm sitting on the edge of the couch holding my breath and then laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face again and my poor husband thought I was losing my mind. This was just in the 30 minutes I sat reading in the same room with him. He got up and went to the other room so he could read in peace. We always read together so that's never happened! "I couldn't put it down" is a stupid cliche that I've seen written so many times before and after reading said book, had no trouble "putting it down". I have never put it in a review before but guess what...I couldn't put it down. After thousands of books in many genres, that's a first for me. The history that goes into Jodi's books is incredible and the way she incorporates it into her stories over and over will keep you interested and turning, the page even if you have never had any interest in history. I promise you will laugh so hard at the antics, the stories and the wit of Max. There are a few sad times and then there are many that will keep you on edge and.... You won't be able to put it down.

  • madreselva
    2019-05-21 09:02

    I was extremely dissapointed with this book. It started off as a page turner like the previous ones. By the end, the book convinced me to drop the series for good.(SPOILERS)There are two main reasons. First, the more objective reason: The whole "parallel timelines/second chance" plot twist was just a mess. I can't suspend disbelief for it, and I honestly don't think those two people can continue a relationship... From a certain point of view, they are in love with people that no longer exists.The second reason is more visceral (and subjective). The author managed to turn Max into a coward bitch. After all Max has been through in the previous books, I can't believe she would be so set in leaving a small boy to be raped and killed.#1 She knows the Chief's heart after loosing all of his children, and his desperate need to save this one.#2 She's lost a child of her own, and mourned it.#3 All of St. Mary already knows there are situations where you can save something (scrolls) or someone (dodos) doomed in it's original timeline. She can't take the chance for the Chief's heart and her own soul?I was heart broken for the story....