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Finding Chase, sequel to 1 Bestseller and Top 100 Best Teen Book of 2012, Chasing Nikki, by Lacey WeatherfordOverview Scarred by tragedy.A grief so intense it burns.How to keep his vow when life no longer seems worth livingCan love come again Finding ChaseBack Cover Blurb Things havent been easy for Chase Walker.Hes experienced tragedy, and at times hes not sure he wants to continue living But he made a vow to go on with his life, and he intends to keep it After getting a college scholarship to play football, Chase heads off to school, hoping his time on the field will help to bury the intense emotions that still linger in his heart.Fate doesnt work that way though, and he soon finds himself having to face all the things hes carrying inside, or he may miss the one shot he has to learn how to love again....

Title : Finding Chase (Chase Walker Book 2) (English Edition)
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Finding Chase (Chase Walker Book 2) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-21 19:49

    Wie habe ich die Fortsetzung von "Chasing Nikki" herbeigesehnt! Ich habe wirklich auf ein Happy End für Chase gehofft und ich denke, der zweite Teil ist eine würdige Fortsetzung. Bravo, Lacey Weatherford!Chase trauert immer. Manchmal ist der Gedanke an Nikki das einzige, was ihn weitermachen lässt. Er ist fest entschlossen, niemanden mehr in sein Herz zu lassen, jedoch hat das Leben andere Pläne mit ihm...Ich fand Chase's Gefühle sehr nachvollziehbar und musste schon auf den ersten paar Seiten heulen, was wirklich nicht oft vorkommt. Er ist ein wirklich toller Charakter-absolut männlich aber trotzdem sehr gefühlvoll. Ich konnte seine Handlungen und Gefühle immer sehr gut nachvollziehen und auch seine Angst, sich auf jemand Neues einzulassen.Die Liebesgeschichte zwischen ihm und Brittney fand ich sehr schön aufgebaut und ich habe das neue Mädchen in seinem Leben wirklich sehr gemocht. Die beiden haben zusammen einfach super funktioniert und die Chemie zwischen den beiden hat einfach gestimmt. Die Entwicklung ihrer Romanze fand ich sehr schön gestaltet, es hat sich richtig für mich angefühlt.Doch trotz all meiner Begeisterung zu diesem Buch muss ich sagen, dass es sehr vorhersehbar war. Es kamen keine wirklichen Überraschungen, was mich jedoch nicht wirklich gestört hat. Auch wenn es klar war, wie das Buch enden würde, habe ich es trotzdem genossen und innerhalb kürzester Zeit gelesen!Das Ende fand ich übrigens einfach traumhaft...Chase ist einfach toll!Für mich ist die Duologie um Chase wirklich die Entdeckung des Jahres! Definitiv eine meiner Lieblingsreihen! Ich freue mich schon auf weitere Bücher dieses Genres von Lacey Weatherford. Sie ist wirklich ein Meister auf diesem Gebiet!

  • Kindle-Kunde
    2019-04-24 22:57

    Ich habe dieses Buch ursprünglich nur gelesen, da ich von dem ersten Buch dieser Serie sehr enttäuscht war und wissen wollte was die Autorin noch aus dieser Geschichte machen wird - und was soll ich sagen ich bin begeistert ! Dieser Teil ist sehr viel besser nachvollziehbar und hat mich nehr in seinen Bann gezogen. Auch war ich generell erfreut, dass ausnahmsweise mal ein männlicher Charakter die Hauptperson verkörpert - was man ja besonders in einer Romanze selten findet. Außerdem finde ich es super, dass die Autorin die Hintergründe dieser Geschichte mit den Lesern teilt, das habe ich mir in der Vergangenheit bereits in vielen Büchern gewünscht. Alles in allem ist es ein schöner Abschluss und durchaus lesenswert. Diesmal hat es auch durchaus den Titel Romanze verdient..

  • Reading as much as I can
    2019-05-22 20:15

    Lately I have been reading a lot of really LONG books - so I forgot how quickly these shorter books can pass. Also, how the author has less time to delve into the emotions and past of characters.The story picks up where the last book left off (which I did not read). This is a standalone book, but I think it would have been better if I read the first one.Chase Walter is super hunk, quarterback who is off to ASU on a full-ride. He has just lost the love of his life, Nikki in a car accident.This story is about being able to fall in love again.I guess Brittany was in the first book, but Chase falls for Nikki.Brittany is a strong, optimistic very level-headed girl that Chase falls in love with.In the story - there is a brief run in with some kids that are out to 'get' Chase. But Chase rises above these difficulties and triumphs over the antagonists. Hurray.This is a very strong 4-star book for young adults/older teens. I would highly recommend it as the story is very sweet, the friends are supportive and funny, there are no sex scenes, but PG-13 rated heavy petting.Chase is so incredibly respectful of his family, friends and new love that it would be a great book for girls to see how a boy should behave in a relationship.Also, for girls it would show that you do not need to jump into bed and have sex immediately, even though you know someone, trust them and love them. Take your time. It's all good.The book just seemed to wrap up so quickly and blissfully. Very few bumps in the road, more like a few casual turns, but nothing major. Very light easy read.Again, 4 1/2 stars for young adults/older teens!

  • Chasity Morris
    2019-05-20 21:49

    Usually when an Author decides to make more books (Over all or in a series), there kind of like sequels to movies you know? Well usually they don't turn out as good as the first one, right?Come on, you know what I'm talking about. Everyone has that one book and or movie that they read/watched and was like... "AMAZE", then the next was like... "Awe man *slaps knee* that SUCKED! And the first one was sooo good!!!" *scratches head* "What the flip happened?" *Throws hands in the air then sits and ponders* Right? Right!Alas WRONG!!! Lacey managed to not only give each book(s)/characters separate voices (instead of like you know when you read another book from that Author and its like your reading the same character that you read from their previous books with just a different back ground and name but they just feel the same?) I'm one to give credit when its due and let me say it is due, BIG TIME! She totally separates all the books and their characters and you never feel like one is being recycled/re-used and I love her for that! That's what make an Author a REAL Author, when you can do that.Okay enough of being a blabber mouth, onto the book in hand. It starts off where the last one pretty much ended and dives into the whole "Finding Chase them". Like the last time my emotions got the best of me and I found myself wishing Chase would find himself. He has all this pent up inner turmoil/rage boiling beneath the surface that wants to- no, NEEDS to come out. Finally Chase is found.I couldn't ask for more of a getting-to-know/deal with-ones-self book(s). I just don't think that there is another out there that could ever be as good as this one. I loved it and I like how we got to know the Author a little bit better at the end of the book. It really tied the whole book(s) together and shed extra light to the "subjects" at hand. I appreciate when someone goes that extra inch after giving us a mile to help us better understand them or what we just read. She shed light on a subject that is often overlooked and is getting the word out about it through her writing. Love this Author!!! She is like I always say, MY FAVORITE!

  • Kim Deister
    2019-05-16 23:15

    Wow, just wow! I wasn't sure how this series was going to go on, especially after the unexpected big moments of Chasing Nikki. Chase has been through more in a few short years than many go through in a lifetime. It seemed that, just as soon as his life really came together, it was all taken away. I read this at a time in my own life when I kind of feel the same way, so this was particularly poignant for me.Chase has been fighting the reality that he has to move forward with his life. And it is unbearably hard for him to do that. His struggles to reconcile his feelings of love and of guilt with moving on is absolutely heart wrenching at times. And, if that isn't enough, he is being essentially bullied by a couple of his fellow football players, almost damaging his future in the process.The emotions of this book were so very real and they touched my heart. There is a brutal honesty about some tough topics and it pulls at the heart. There were times when he made some bad choices and you just wanted to shake him, but you couldn't help but feeling for him even then.Things to love about Finding Chase... --The unabashed emotions of Chase. I love that he doesn't try to pretend that he doesn't feel. --A whole bunch of other things that I can't talk about for fear of the ever dreaded spoilers!!My recommendation: Don't read this unless you have already read Chasing Nikki. It's meaning would be lost. But if you have, READ THIS!!!