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Stefan Molyneux, MA, is the host of Freedomain Radio, the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web.Freedomain Radio was a Top 10 finalist in the Education category in the 2007 2010 Podcast Awards, and has been named one of the Top 100 Most Inspiring and Innovative Blogs for Educators In many fairy tales, there lives a terrible beast of stupendous power, a dragon or a basilisk, which tyrannizes the surrounding lands The local villagers tremble before this monster they sacrifice their animals, pay money and blood in the hopes of appeasing its murderous impulses Year after year, decade after decade, wave after wave of hopeful champions try to match their strength, virtue and cunning against this terrible tyrant Try and fail Inevitably, a man steps forward who strikes everyone as utterly incongruous He is a stable boy, a shoemakers son, a bakers apprentice or sometimes, just a vagabond This book is the story of my personal assault on just such a beast This beast is the belief that it is impossible to define an objective, rational, secular and scientific ethical system This beast is the illusion that morality must forever be lost in the irrational swamps of gods and governments, forever lacking logical justification and clear definition...

Title : Universally Preferable Behaviour: A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics (English Edition)
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Universally Preferable Behaviour: A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics (English Edition) Reviews

  • Frederik
    2019-03-17 08:55

    The concept of UPB is simple, yet absolutely groundbreaking. Once I got it, it revolutionized my understanding of ethics. I can tell how important this knowledge will be for the raising of my children, who I will be able to teach rational and secular principles of moral behaviour.I actually have never finished this book, but since I have listened to hundreds and hundreds of podcasts by "Stef" I have a deep understanding of UPB and can debate it well, even though I am not a good debater.Have a try at refuting the existence of preferrable behaviour without accepting that truth is preferrable to falsehood!

  • Kunde
    2019-03-16 04:02

    Molyneux erklärt in seinem Buch verständlich was "Universally Preferable Behaviour" ist und weshalb es aus seiner Sicht logisch zwingendes moralisches Verhalten ist.Ich habe das Buch aufgefasst wie einen grunderneuerten kategorischen Imperativ, logischer, anschaulicher erklärt.Kants Formel für den kategorischen Imperativ ist: „Handle nur nach derjenigen Maxime, durch die du zugleich wollen kannst, dass sie ein allgemeines Gesetz werde.“Ein ausgezeichnetes Buch für die Denker des 21. Jahrhunderts.

  • J. P. Schulte
    2019-03-23 05:02

    Stefan Molyneux guides the reader to an objective moral framework, independent from God or the state. He then goes on explaining why these entities cannot exist in a moral world.

  • R. C. dare
    2019-02-23 10:07

    Excellent book providing Universal Values that's not dogmatic or religious in nature.

  • Jason T. Brooks
    2019-03-16 06:02

    Stef gives us a way to rationally interpret reality as simply as possible to pick up the Enlightenment where we left off with Kant.

  • J W
    2019-03-15 03:55

    Item came timely and well wrapped. This book has a unique language that is well worth the read.

  • Frank H.
    2019-02-28 12:02

    In this brief book, Stefan Molyneux explains step by step how humans can be moral without any mysticism at the the bottom.Read the book. Upon completion you will be able to refute that person who says, “Oh, you don’t believe in god? So murder is okay with you.”

  • David L. Kendall
    2019-03-05 09:43