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class MsoNormal style MARGIN 0in 0in 0pt LINE HEIGHT normal Road Dogs is terrific, and El Leonard is in a class of one.Dennis Lehane, author of Shutter Island and Mystic RiverYou know from the first sentence that youre in the hands of the original Daddy Cool.This onell kill you.Stephen KingEl Leonard is eternal In Road Dogs, the PEN USA Lifetime Achievement Award winner and Americas greatest crime master Newsweek brings back three of his favorite charactersJack Foley from Out of Sight, Cundo Rey from La Brava, and Dawn Navarro from Riding the Rapfor a twisting, explosive, always surprising masterwork of crime fiction the San Francisco Chronicle calls, a sly, violent, funny and superbly written story of friendship, greed, and betrayal....

Title : Road Dogs: A Novel
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Road Dogs: A Novel Reviews

  • Lt. Torello
    2019-05-02 03:35

    "Road Dogs" vereinigt wieder alle Qualitäten, die man von Elmore Leonard kennt. Damit meine ich gute Dialoge, Sprachwitz, eine spannende Handlung,die wechselnden Erzählperspektiven, präzise gezeichnete Figuren und geschilderte Handlungsorte und die recht seltsamen Beziehungen zwischen den Protagonisten. Ich fand es gut, dass in diesem Buch wieder Figuren aus älteren Werken von Elmore Leonard aufgetaucht sind und zwar aus "La Brava", "Riding the Rap"(dt. "Volles Risiko") und "Out of Sight"(dt. "Zuckerschnute"). Es war interessant zu lesen, wie sie sich entwickelt haben und sie nun agieren. Einen kleinen Wehmutstropfen gab es allerdings. Im Mittelteil des Buches ließ die Spannung, durch die meiner Meinung nach teiweise zu lang geratenen Dialoge, etwas nach. Doch mehr will ich hier nicht verraten, da ich anderen Lesern nicht die Lesefreude verderben will.

  • CA
    2019-05-10 03:08

    Ich habe noch kein Buch von Elmore Leonard gelesen, dass ich nicht immens gemocht hätte, aber dieses hier konnte trotzdem noch eins draufsetzen. Beim Lesen dieses Buches hatte mein Gehirn so eine Art Dauerschwebezustand. Durchgehend von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite. Fand ich klasse!

  • crafty lefthander
    2019-05-21 03:16

    Where would we be without friends?Jack Foley is the most prolific bank robber of all time. Cundo Rey has a much more varied criminal record, and is extremely rich. They become friends in the prison yard, so much so that Cundo hires his own attorney to get Foley's sentence reduced. Once that feat is accomplished, Cundo encourages Foley to live in one of his two houses in California. Wondering about the motivation behind the offer, Foley nevertheless accepts, and travels to Venice Beach, where he meets with Cundo's girlfriend, a leggy professional psychic named Dawn Navarro, who has supposedly remained faithful to Cundo while the moneyed con serves out his time.Fat chance of that, for this is an Elmore Leonard novel, and there are no deep psychological studies here, just a rollicking good yarn. Dawn is loyal to one thing, the concept that she is entitled to Cundo's fortune. And she doesn't care who she uses to obtain it, or how she uses them. That includes a supposedly reformed gang member named Tico, now working as what is termed a gang interventionist. As Cundo has been otherwise occupied behind bars, his assets are held in title by his chief loyalist, Little Jimmy. Cundo is eventually released from stir, and returns to his lady and his lair, resuming his friendship with Foley, although the bank robber never fully understands why he is the chosen one. Foley himself is hounded by an FBI agent named Adams, anxious for him to return to his old ways so he can force Foley into handcuffs.As typical of Elmore Leonard novels, the words skitter rapid fire across the page, funny and knowing. Never serious, Leonard specialized in characters who revealed themselves as being immersed within the underside, criminals who were sometimes icy in their determination to get what they wanted, but who could sometimes easily pose as the good neighbor down the block. Now departed from this earthly life and perhaps writing tales for an audience up above, Leonard's first rule of writing was that if it looks like writing, rewrite it. There isn't much in Road Dogs that looks like writing, which makes it well worth reading on days you need large doses of ironic and worldly humor.

  • Dr. Bubba hisownself
    2019-05-03 00:07

    Leonard Elmore had a knack for storytelling with a catchy turn of phrase and Road Dogs is yet another example. I "read" the audio CD on my iPod and it was a most enjoyable read. My experience suggests that the reader of a audio book can make or break the experience, and Peter Francis James is one of the very best ... on par with Dick Hill and Len Cariou, two of the all-time best readers. In Road Dogs Peter Francis James is able to convey characters with subtle changes in inflection, modulation and timbre and this makes the story come "alive." In terms of plot, story arc, etc. Road Dogs is logical, flows well, is interesting in content and form and is satisfying in it's conclusion. There are a couple of interesting plot twists that add to rather than detract from the story arc, and Leonard Elmore always makes a reader feel the payoff is worth the journey. I admit that I'm an Elmore Leonard fan and found Road Dogs as well written as Hombre, Riding the Rap, etc. I enjoyed both the "read" and the audiobook experience, and if you like a well-told story with interesting characters then you may like Road Dogs as well.

  • LitChick
    2019-04-29 22:18

    One of Leonard's best. If you liked Jack Foley in "Out of Sight", Dawn Navarro in "Riding the Rap" and Cundo Rey in " La Brava, then this one is for you. We take a wild ride from Gun Club Highway in Florida to the canals of Venice, California. "Good guy" Jack Foley (he's only robbed somewhere north of 200 banks across the south) uses Cundo's attorney to get him loose from prison after U. S. Marshall Karen Sisco is persuaded to aid in his defense. She's the one who helped put him away after a brief 'time out' in "Out of Sight."Cundo has come into a small fortune after a stint as the male dancer in a female night club. He sends Foley ahead to check on Dawn and set the stage for Cundo's comeback in crime. He'll be out of prison, too, in a couple of months and in this time Foley and Dawn have gotten to know each other. Condo's jealousy comes into play as the three of them become an explosive mixture.Full of the poignant pathos of a typical Leonard situation, "Road Dogs" is pure pleasure to the Leonard fan. Well deserving of a five-star rating.