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The Feathery plot centers around a unique type of golf ball used during a record match at St Andrews, Scotland in 1849 It starts with a description of that golf match and how a featheryball was made using 1849 technology.Fast forward to the 21st century where the story is set in San Diego, London, New York, Scotland and Ireland The game of golf blends with mystery and suspence surrounding an obsession so strong by some to own this valuable feathery golf ball that they ll even commit murder to satisfy it.The owner of feathery, Scott Beckman, is a PGA touring professional who inherits the ball from his mentor, Sandy McNair, a decendent of that record setting St Andrews player, Hugh McNair Sandy was the club pro who had steared Scott and his friend, Matt Kemp away from trouble when they were teenagers Sandy takes them under his wing teaches Scott the game of golf and Matt how to be the best caddie They start out on tour after passing the grueling test of Q School, but fail to make expenses Scott reluctantly submits the feathery to a London auction After he does so he starts winning and earning He then pulls the feathery out of the auction much to the chagrin of a few scrupulous collectors and who are still determined to possess it by any means to include robbery, murder and kidnapping.Scott leaves the solution of the crimes up to Chief Inspector Trevor Bradshaw of Scotland Yard and Francis X Riley of the NYPD while he competes at the British open in Turnberry, Scotland against hot competition.He is leading when his best friend and caddie Matt Kemp is abductedand a threatening note is sent to Scott with a piece of Matt s ear lobe The note tells him to withdraw from the tournament or mutilation will occur....

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The Feathery (English Edition) Reviews

  • TeensReadToo
    2019-03-27 00:24

    THE FEATHERY is a sprawling adventure that sweeps over historical fiction, lingers over mystery, and flirts with romance as it spans a timeline of more than 150 years. Though the narration briefly touches down in 1849 and 2004, the bulk of the action begins in 2009, when Scott Beckman, an up-and-coming golfer, inherits an antique golf ball from his deceased mentor, Sandy McNair. When Scott gets the golf ball appraised, he discovers that not only is it a rare type of golf ball known as a feathery, but also that this particular feathery was used by golf legend Hugh McNair to set a course record at the St. Andrews course in 1849.Though Scott is talented, a string of bad luck on the courses forces him to consider auctioning the feathery, and when he puts it up for auction, the bidding quickly rises to well over $1,000,000. However, shortly thereafter, his tour earnings rise enough that he decides to withdraw the feathery from auction. This move sparks violence from those so obsessed with this priceless feathery that they will rob and murder to get it. Scott survives this conflict, only to find more danger on the golf course when he enters the British Open as a long shot - and, much to the chagrin of those in control of the betting odds, appears to be in contention for the trophy.The premise of THE FEATHERY is original and interesting; I was surprised to find myself completely caught up in the history of golf shared in this book, as I am not generally very interested in golf. Unfortunately, delivery in this novel is somewhat lacking. The prose is sometimes choppy, the dialogue unrealistic, and the wrenchingly emotional conflicts of the main characters are not given the time and depth that they deserve. For all its faults, though, THE FEATHERY remains engaging because of its unique subject and treatment. It is obvious that the author knows his subject, and his enthusiasm spreads easily to the reader.Reviewed by: Rebecca Wells

  • Michael Phelps
    2019-04-02 02:24

    In THE FEATHERY by BILL FLYNN, I learned more about the game of Golf than I would have expected. Many years ago, a lawyer friend of mine, Leighton H. Coleman, Senior Partner in the law firm of David, Polk & Wardwell (NYC) invited me to his club in Stony Brook, Long Island. I was given a set of clubs and Pate Coleman gave me instructions as we played nine holes. I was miserable, both as a student, and mentally. I could not see the satisfaction golfers derived from hitting a little ball with a club, trying to get it into a little hole in the ground. Pate Coleman spoke of his love of the game and that he played every year at St. Andrews in Scotland.In THE FEATHERY, Author BILL FLYNN has given his readers an extraordinary lesson in the history of the game and those who master it. In the past few years I have occasionaly watched in awe as Tiger Woods made it look so easy. Now, having read THE FEATHERY, I have found a whole new appreciation and facination with the game.Author BILL FLYNN has written an exciting novel, mixing the history of Golf, those dedicated to it and those who are slaves of it, with a well crafted plot of an historic ball, made in Scotland and thought to be lost forever. Young SCOTT BECKMAN lost his father at age 14, a Helicopter pilot killed in Iraq. He and his best friend, MATT KEMP are caught shoplifting in a sports store. A Detective decides to use a different approach than dumping the boys into Juvenile Hall. He hooks them up with a friend, a successful businessman addicted to Golf, as Scott's father was. Soon he is being taught by SANDY McNAIR, a renowned Golf Pro. Soon, Scott advanced from being a well respected Caddie to being a Golfer headed for the pros. His mentor, Sandy McNair passes away and leaves his entire worldly possessions to Scott. Inherited along with many other Golfing Antiques, is a golf ball made of feathers and bound with leather. Scott has been off his game and not making enough money to stay on the U. S. Tour. The idea of selling the Antiques are suggested by Matt, his Caddie and best friend.An Italian golf memorabillia collector, introduced by a friend's cousin makes an offer of $100,000.00. Scott is skeptical and decides to get a second opinion. The next day he has the antiques appraised and finds the ball alone is worth at least a million dollars. He decides to sell them all at auction. That's when the plot thickens. A murder in New York City, an attempted murder and theft of the Feathery Ball and a Bronze statue of a nude lady golfer is stolen in London. Scott's game improves and he is earning a substantial sum of money. He decides not to sell the Feathery Ball, and withdraws it from auction.There are many twists and turns in this finely tuned novel that you will not put this book down. It has romance, sex, murder and mystery that will keep you reading to the last line.This is the third novel I have read by Author BILL FLYNN, and the third I must award FIVE STARS and my appreciation. I will be looking for his next novel with anticipation of a solid and enjoyable read.Michael PhelpsAuthor

  • ellen george
    2019-04-18 21:05

    We all know that golf is more than a sport in the UK - For a golfer aficionados, a pilgrimage to St. Andrews to play golf is a dream. For those of us who will never probably make it to St. Andrews, we live vicariously by watching the British Open.Bill Flynn's excellent The Feathery deals with a wonderful piece of golf history - golf balls were created with packed feathers encased by leather and sewn tightly. The clubs were hand crafted and without the benefit of computer technology, were amazingly accurate.The Feathery showcases a golf ball 'feathery' that was made in 1849 when Hugh McNair won the Open with a record breaking 78, which in modern terms would be a profession player making a score in the 50's - quite an accomplishment for a leather ball stuffed with feathers!Needless to say, memorabilia from the early days is something grabbed up by collectors.Except for the record breaking feathery that Hugh McNair used.Scott Beckman always loved the game of golf. His best friend, Matt Kemp, also has the same passion. Scott's mother resented the game because it took her husband away playing golf while she wanted the family to play a more 'civilized' game of tennis - When her husband dies in Iraq, Scott and Matt start getting in trouble. A nice cop takes them to a man, Sandy McNair, (does McNair sound familiar?) who has mentored young boys who had wavered off the path and helped them with discipline and golf. Both boys mature and they become fine golfers and professionals.When Sandy dies he bequeaths to Scott all of his golf memorabilia - including a rare golf statue and the famous feathery that Sandy's greatgrandfather used to smash the record at St. Andrews! It is literally priceless!So starts the intrigue when Scott, a struggling pro player decides to auction the memorabilia off so he can have money to survive the pro curcuit until he gets his 'pro legs' and makes money. Scott changes his mind about the feathery and the statue and this starts the action that deal with attempts to steal the feathery, murder and kidnapping.It also features exciting play details about the British Open and the Masters. You'll feel you are playing next to Scott right there amid the wind and rain St. Andrews is famous for -Flynn's writing is fluid, crisp and fun. If you weren't a golf fan before, you will be after reading this book.If you are a terrible golfer like me, you may find yourself mentally playing and being part of the action.A fun read for all readers.