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Das LOLA Prinzip ist die radikalste Umsetzung des konomischen Prinzips, weil es nichts Oekonomischeres gibt als die Liebe.LOLA ist die Abk rzung f r LO LoslassenL LiebeA Aktion Reaktion...

Title : The LOLA-Principle: The Perfectness of the World (Das Lola-Prinzip)
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ISBN : 3905586002
ISBN13 : 978-3905586008
Format Type : Audio Book
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Editions d Olt Auflage 2 engl A 1 August 1997
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The LOLA-Principle: The Perfectness of the World (Das Lola-Prinzip) Reviews

  • nsawaya
    2019-03-03 12:00

    Two things about this book, one is that the English translation is bad which makes it kind of having a chat with a young kid. Second, there is lots of contradictions, assumptions and references made without actually providing links to studies.The biggest thing I hated about the book is that it quotes religious book and interprets them in one way stating that this is the only meaning they have plus I felt this book has lots of "believe me" statements, too much for my own filters.

  • Brigitte Pachler
    2019-02-20 08:43

    Ein einzigartiges Buch, um das eigene Leben positiv zu verändern, ohne darüber nachzudenken, ob man jemals über das Dasein nachgedacht hat. Seit ich diese Serie an Büchern gelesen habe, nehme ich mir einfach mehr Zeit für mich und das macht mich glücklich...

  • Matt
    2019-03-03 09:40

    When I was traveling through Europe 16 years ago a friend gave me the 1st English Addition as a gift. Since then, I have read this book multiple times and LOL²A Principle has become my favorite book of all time."It is therefore my intention to show a principle that everybody can immediately try out and test in his or her own life. Every reader can determine whether it functions or not. This is not a theory. This is not a philosophy that can be nicely discussed or disputed about. Discussing a theory which has not been tried out is a waste of time. This is all about behavior in our own life."LOL²A Principle- Page 13BECAREFUL of the other people writing reviews of this book on Amazon.There IS one person writing a 1 star review trying to influence people to purchase a different authors book. The other reviewer writing a review with 3 stars admits to only making it to page 47 yet felt the need to JUDGE the book in an attempt to discuss a theory which has not been tried out in their own life.This book isn't for everyone. The author explains it again on page 25."It seems nothing is getting people more upset than to be told they are strong and powerful beings. The reason for it is plain to see: whoever is really powerful is also responsible for his or her own life. And this is "too much" for some people. They rather play the victim role, so they can complain and make somebody else responsible for their misery.If you belong to that sort of people, then this book is not suitable for you at this time. Maybe you like to look into it in ten years or so?"

  • Melanie M.
    2019-03-20 14:37

    I've read a lot of these types of books. And this was not my favorite. However, I bought it because it was the favorite of a friend of mine. It's okay. And, who knows, it might be your favorite.

  • Jenny Munford
    2019-02-24 13:54

    The LOLA principle shows you how you can reach every goal with less time and effort than conventional thinking. The author shows why love is the subject of economy and physics and he substantiates that with love every problem can be solved. This is not esoteric, not mysticism, not a new religion. This is life!

  • Jodi
    2019-02-19 14:56

    I did not read the book in English, but a translation in Russian. It's so awesome. This book changed my life in a way I stopped judging people, stopped to plan and work for some "great future" and started to enjoy the current moment, try to be more simple and more responsible. I read many-many books of this kind, but this one is so precise and easy to understand!I mean, people have problems with translation here, and that's so bad, because the essence of the book itself is really helpful. It's like the same truth the Bible or Dao or other books teach you for everyday wisdom, but in a very simple language.

  • P. Conant
    2019-02-20 14:47

    This book was originally written in German and was translated into English, which I purchased even though I am German, I had hoped to eventually pass this on to English speaking friends here in Spain. I prefer to resell it rather than waste my friends' time.Like the other two reviewers, I have read MANY self help books over the years and have benefited from most of them. Each one seemed to offer another step(s) in my personal journey. Unlike the other reviewers however, and not knowing which books they read...THIS book should be retitled The Lolly Pop Principle and gets me, personally, no where.Besides being a less-than-professional translation into English (which adds to the muddle) the author seems to pontificate and give an overall superficial treatment of his idea of what life is about and how to live it. On one hand, love and letting go is what it is all about and on the other one seems to be encouraged to look at what goes on around us and our loved ones with dis-envolvement...since whatever happens in the world (and our personal worlds) is because we wanted it so anyway.It is quite one thing to take responsibility for the decisions we make in our personal world and quite another to suggest that a child drowning is doing so because it 'wanted to', or genocide or the holocast happened because a folk 'chose to' or a mass murderer's victim is not really one, because you see...he/she wanted it that way...for whatever reason. Stepping far, far away into another dimension or from a spiritual aspect, there may be some truth to the above on a soul level since we all have different lessons to learn and this can also involve a communal or national 'karma' if you will....yet the book is very economical in presenting this aspect (afteral, Mr. Egli is an economist by profession). Still, this is not comforting when it is your loved one that died with all the rest in a plane crash. But, never mind, they all chose that crash anyway.These are the areas that are treated rather superficially. I find it problematic when various aspects are so sloppily tossed together and served up in a 'teaching' that to a person new to self help will eventually find conflicting enough to apply and come to terms with. But never mind, we are to take Mr. Egli's word for it all even if he does contradict himself at times, mis-quotes Jesus or borrows a little of this or that from various philosophies and religions even if it takes a little bending to get them to fit into his 'teachings'.If shifting your attitude to one of love, letting go of the past and not judging make sense to you, then you will find this a core of many don't need to waste your money on this rather poorly written ego-trip of a book that serves up nothing new in an equally poor way. For all his talk of 'love', I find the book lacking in encouraging compassion. On the contrary. Yep, definately written by an economist.Better books are 'out there' that explain how shifting your attitude (energy) works and how action/reaction works and how applying it in your daily life is easier to understand than what Mr. Egli hoped to achieve in this book. This is not new-age nor pseudo science...we really do now have the means to demonstrate and measure our mind energy - which affects every aspect of our lives.One of my favourite authors is Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief - a well written, clearly written and humerous book - quantum physics and the mind were never so entertaining and helpful) and Gregg Braden (The Divine Matrix and my favourite by him - Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer a VERY insightful little book addressing the power of emotion (again, 'energy'). I suggest reading Lost Mode of Prayer first (if you ever wondered why your 'prayers/affirmations' are never this little book)!Those above mentioned authors and their engaging books 'make sense' to me in a very clear way that few books have in the past. I highly recommend them.