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In the digital world, books may seem like an endangered species, but bookmaking is popular than ever Thanks to the 100 ideas in this volume, the craft is now available to everyone In as little as an afternoon, beginners will be on their way to folding, gluing, and sewing handmade books in a variety of shapes and styles, from rolled scrolls to Jacob s ladders, folded flexagons to case bindings Complete with photographs of the author s own master books and statements by than 40 established book artists, this collection is sure to inspire Culled from the author s best selling books Creating Handmade Books, Unique Handmade Books, and Expressive Handmade Books, these projects will fuel bookbinding adventures for years to come....

Title : Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings, Structures & Forms
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Making Handmade Books: 100+ Bindings, Structures & Forms Reviews

  • Biffle French
    2019-04-20 13:54

    I had hoped to learn how to make handmade books when I purchased this, but the author seems to have focused on adding a large number of TYPES of books to the repertoire while not really spending enough effort to describe any of them in detail. It's great (I guess) that there are 100 types of bindings, but the descriptions and diagrams for even the most simple ones are quite difficult to follow. She wastes a lot of type talking about her friends and who invented what, but when I try to follow the instructions I find them sketchy and poorly diagrammed. A ten-step process may have only one or two diagrams. Ten would be better.

  • Deborah L. Gilson
    2019-04-22 13:51

    This is a really nice book on all sorts of different ways to make structures for handmade artist books. However, I agree that it is not really a beginners' book -- in college I spent about two years on a student library job repairing books and making acid-free boxes for books in too bad shape to repair. Even with this experience, I realize I may still have to get an easier book to brush up my skills (I was in college a while ago). It's a great book to get ideas from and, possibly, learn how to do them (the second part probably depends on your background and natural talent for this type of work).

  • Constance Jenkins
    2019-04-25 12:00

    Disappointing. The cover shows bound books, but the book itself it probably 90% fancy paper folding for accordians and other types of non-book books (cards, scrolls, etc). I am sure it is fine for what it is, it just isn't helpful if you want to learn more traditional bookbinding.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-20 09:49

    Just a note to say this book is about making cute or artistic craft books. I thought it would be more about traditional book-making and even repair. Some of the concepts of traditional binding are present but overall these are artsy craft books as you can see on the cover. For an excellent book on traditional bookbinding I highly recommend: HAND BOOKBINDING a manual of instruction by Aldren A Watson. (1963) It is only 93 pages but has everything one needs to know for bookbinding and repair along with superb diagrams in a 10.5x8 inch format.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-05-07 12:04

    I have seen a lot of reviews saying that there are missing steps which makes this book confusing to work through. At first glance, it does seem that way. For each binding process, Golden includes written step by step directions. However, illustrations are only provided as needed– some steps are simple enough that they don't require an illustration. Each illustration is numbered with the corresponding written direction. After I realized this, I had no problem following along with her directions. This book is a great resource for modern book arts processes/techniques and a handy resource for vocabulary, tools, materials and inspiration. I also think this book is priced incredibly reasonably for the number of pages and color photos it contains.

  • E. Holster
    2019-05-06 09:10

    This is the most comprehensive and clear guide to making book structures that I have ever seen! There are no wasted pages - every inch is used to make the process clear, starting right from the first chapter on Materials and Methods. There are many interesting tips and tricks that will interest even veteran bookmakers. The variety of structures with technical and content information is phenomenal. The numerous illustrations cover a wide range of bookmaking approaches and subject matter. I especially appreciated the commentary written by a number of book artists that is interspersed throughout the book, giving background and insight into the creative process. These roughly paragraph-long sections are noted by a fleur de lis symbol.

  • Lady whitecrow
    2019-05-04 13:10

    Very disappointed in this. There is no instructions on standard book binding, like using binding rivets etc. Most instructions deal with using various cords for what I suppose is decrotive binding. This book would be ok for scrapbooking and childrens books, but certainly not any one interested in learning serious book binding. All the instructions are for quick, cheap, "books". If you need instructions on accordion or pop-up books, this is the one for you.