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When Cavaliathe amazing equestrian themed spectacular, melding costumes and theatrics with stunt riding and haute colefirst took North America by storm, few people knew who Frdric Pignon and Magali Delgado were But the whole world was soon abuzz with talk of the magical display these two remarkable individuals provided their audiencewhether horse crazy or layperson, none could walk away unaffected by the powerful connection they demonstrated with their unparalleled cast of beautiful horses.In this remarkable book, now available in paperback, Frdrica specialist in liberty and ground workand Magalia talented dressage rider at the Grand Prix levelcombine efforts and share the secrets of the breathtaking relationships they have cultivated over the course of their lives with horses.They tell the story of Templadothe gorgeous but rebellious stallion who demanded they question all they had learned as horsemen and look at, in a whole new light, what it means to train horses It was this tempestuous character that taught them that the process of building a relationship with a horse can be on equal footing than most would dream possible.It is with this life altering lesson in mind that Frdric and Magali now explain their Six Golden Principles These include how you can become a safe haven the most important being in your horse s lifewhile ensuring he gets the leadership he craves and deserves And, how to establish acceptable limits of behavior, as well as respect, without ever succumbing to anger or using force They describe how to read horse behavior so you can better understand and communicate with your equine partner as an individual Plus, you ll see what it means to be patient and give your horse a say in his own trainingand just how rewarding the results can be.In a chapter devoted to their practical approach, you ll explore what is perhaps most central to their methods the idea of play and how games can be used to develop a horse s intelligence, confidence, and desire to perform, whether at liberty or in the most difficult of competitive environments Magali shares the example of her Grand Prix mount Dao, with whom she has reached the pinnacle of European competition, and whom dressage judges praise for his supple and stress free performances.Both Frdric and Magali once thought they had become skilled and compassionate riders and trainers, but found that the monumental challenges presented by Templado turned their beliefs upside down and made them start again from the beginning They now view their work with horses as a journey of endless discovery and infinite rewards With this book, full of phenomenal color photographs of their horses, many of whom appeared in the show that first made them famous, you can joinand learn fromthem....

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Gallop to Freedom: Training Horses with Our Six Golden Principles Reviews

  • Amazon Junkie
    2019-05-10 21:27

    It's like an autobiography....yet if you read it carefully and think about what they're saying, you really get a true feel for how they are able to ask their horses to "partner up" (for lack of a better term).

  • Ribbleton
    2019-05-02 00:48

    This book is one of three that changed my life with horses! I have spent my whole life riding, training and breeding with a focus on dressage. I found myself questioning the methods and systems that I had learnt over the years from traditional methods (e.g. German training scale) to natural horsemanship methods. The one thing that all these methods have in common is the way to get a response from a horse - that is using pressure. I started to search for a different way.

  • ml
    2019-05-06 20:33

    I was fortunate to have seen a performance of Cavalia in Seattle, WA and have ever since wanted that kind of relationship with my horse. I have never believed in being heavy handed or demanding with our horses so it was wonderful to find people who have so much experience agree that each horse has a personality and its o.k not to be domineering when working with them. The photographs are stunning and the anecdotes from the lives of the authors are wonderful. This book has made me look at our horses in a whole different light, and even helped me to make progress with my daughter's horse who tends to be very pushy and mean.

  • Robbie Thompson
    2019-05-12 22:35

    Another person reviewed the book & was looking for a training book-anyone that has worked with Lusitanos or very knowing, sensitive horses will understand how & why this amazing couple are able to accomplish what they have. It's not always about the method, actual training, of the horse, but it is about a mental connection first that can carry over to the training part. I know I have another difficult Lusitano, which found me (several have come my way). It is taking quite some time to find what works for him-the natural horsemanship games would definately not-we are working together and having fun exploring on no time line which is sooo freeing. I am a hugh fan of the original Cavallia and it's creativity and equine partner connection. If you are looking for a definite step by steip training manual, it is not-it's about the journey from another angle.

  • Visionary Designs
    2019-05-07 02:47

    Loved the book and highly recommend it! Mostly discusses the foundation of how to establish a working relationship with the horse but does not actually tell you how to tell the horse that you'd like him to SIT DOWN, or Anything else.

  • Sahal
    2019-05-09 19:47

    Wonderful book.

  • HalesComet
    2019-05-16 18:50

    Bought this for my boyfriend's mom since we're both crazy about horses and she loved it! Provides such great information about horses and trick training. Little disappointed in how we received the book though.. The book outer cover was torn in a few spots. Other than that, great purchase!

    2019-05-20 23:52

    If you were lucky enough to see the original CAVALIA with TEMPLADO, FREDERIC and MAGALI, this book is a real gift. It is an insightful extension of the phenomenal CAVALIA experience through the vision of Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado who brought their dreams and magnificent horses to the stages of CAVALIA from 2003 to 2009. This book is a must for anyone who fell in love with the show and wants more. The photos alone of the jaw dropping TEMPLADO are worth the price of this book. The contents are as honest and sincere as Frederic is in person. Templado was priceless and so are the contents of this book. A bargain. I cross my fingers that Frederic and Magali will someday miss the stages of CAVALIA and come out of retirement.