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Lenin s classic work on the state, clarifying the differences with the opportunists of various stripes He shows how the concept of the dictatorship of the proletariat was raised by Marx and Engels after the Paris Commune....

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The State and Revolution Reviews

    2019-03-20 02:28

    It is very useful to have a Kindle edition of this Marxist classic. It is also an illustration of the fact that the last capitalist on earth will sell you the rope to hang the second to last capitalist on earth!The ideas in Lenin's book are relevant to the modern world. They can also be shown to be a basic criticism of the Communist regimes which did not implement the fundamental ideas in "State and Revolution."1) There should not be a standing army but an armed people - the idea of a militia is enshrined, for example, in the American constitution. This has been perverted to mean every Tom, Dick and Harry should wander around toting a gun. It is clear that in Lenin's view the state was an instrument for the oppression of one class by another and a workers' militia would be a transitional body for the suppression of the remnants of capitalism.The standing army in China is evidently not under popular control.2) All officials should be elected and subject to recall. In modern China there are indeed elections. Elections with one candidate for you to vote for!3) No official should receive more than the average wage of a skilled worker. The monstrous privileges of the bureaucracy in China are an insult to Socialist ideas. Likewise in Australia the workers' organisations support a privileged bureaucracy which gets out of touch with the rank and file because they have a different lifestyle.4) All bureaucratic tasks should be rotated. We have seen the problem of bureaucrats with "jobs for life" stifling workers' organisations and stifling the workers' states too.This is what makes "The State and Revolution" relevant to the modern world.

  • Caligastia145
    2019-03-13 02:31

    This is an excellent book on the role of the state after a revolution, how it will wither away, and what a society should look like ( or try to mould itself into ) after the revolution. Lenin, drawing on the works of Marx and Engels extensively, refutes many claims by both the Anarchists and opportunists on the role of the state, and corrects many common errors believed about the Marxist road to Socialism. This is a thoroughly informative read. I recommend those wondering how a Communist society would emerge after a revolution to get this book; It will open your eyes widely.

  • None
    2019-03-05 00:23

    Lenin's "State and Revolution" provides a clear insight in the emergence of revolutionary Marxism. A must-read for anyone interested in knowing what are the steps that a revolutionary-minded person can take to foster revolution.

  • None
    2019-03-15 04:35

    Why should anybody want to read a book written by Lenin? Shouldn't deeds speak louder than words?

  • JohnnyPrestomatic74
    2019-03-15 23:39

    Written exactly as the events were unfolding in Petrograd and elsewhere in Russia, this book is virtually dedicated to the denunciations of so-called "revolutionaries" who had in the past and in the 1 917 present watered down Marxism into a virtual collaboration with the bourgeoisie. Lenin also elucidated on what the dictatorship of the proletariat means in Leninist terms, and what the destruction of the capitalist state entails, and should accomplish. Differentiation between the Marxist and anarchist views of these things also clarified. Great companion to "What is to Be Done" and "Imperiaism the highest stage of capitalism." Highly recommended

  • kookie womblat
    2019-03-06 23:24

    A very insightful read - whether or not one agrees with Lenin's expectations for a Marxist economic system, his views on taking charge of your government's program is as relevant to us today as it was for him then.

  • Julio Raffaine
    2019-02-22 23:46

    The confrontational style used in the book, tells a lot about how Lenin thought not only on the matter of the State but overall on social organization. I share many of his views but have found the book too narrow in his foundations, he enshrines Marx and Engels without ever debating their philosophy and work, and diminishes his opponents usually with name calling which tends to strawman them and not take seriously in consideration their arguments. Totally recommend, so that people start to see the man behind the myth.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-03-07 00:38

    Lenin explains his program in great detail. A very useful reference point in this respect. However at times possibly too much detail. A bit repetitive in places. It was translated 100 years ago, so some of the expressions ate no longer in common usage.

  • The Peripatetic Reader
    2019-03-15 23:27

    There are no shortage of reviews for this classic, for good reason. For all their influence and relevance, both Marx, but not so much Engels, did not leave behind a coherent doctrine, with elements of their philosophy scattered among many writings. The function of State and Revolution is to connect the dots and give a coherent, clear message of Marxian theory. It remains one of the clearest explanations of the Communist system.I was struck when reading State and Revolution how much resonates with today. Even though first published over a hundred years ago (1917), State and Revolution contains cutting analysis which holds up even one hundred years after it was first published. In this regard, pay attention to what Lenin says about how States are created and continue to exist. Or witness what Lenin says about how the memory and thoughts of great revolutionary thinkers are reduced to sound bytes, ignoring other important messages, or, to use Lenin’s words, being “canonized.” For example, for all the great words and deeds from Martin Luther King, the media mostly remember him for saying, “I have a dream, ....” leaving out the many other words and deeds he said.A frequent argument against Communist political systems is that historically most have been nothing but authoritarian dictatorships. State and Revolution clarifies this argument. Russia, Eastern Europe were mired in dictatorship, never progressing further, per Marxian theory, to a democratic, communistic state. The great benefit of State and Revolution is that Lenin fully explains this important issue, devoting an entire chapter to the “withering of the State.”