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Includes step by step, fully illustrated instructions on tying a variety of classic salmon patterns by the best salmon fly tiers in North America....

Title : Tying the Classic Salmon Fly: A Modern Approach to Traditional Techniques
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ISBN : 0811703312
ISBN13 : 978-0811703314
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Publisher : Stackpole Books 1 Dezember 1997
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Tying the Classic Salmon Fly: A Modern Approach to Traditional Techniques Reviews

  • None
    2019-05-23 22:48

    I have been waiting 3 years for this project tocome to fruition. If you have perused the pages ofSusan Bates latest Atlantic Salmon Fly book you can attest to the quality of Mike's photographic skills. Knowing Mike on a personal level through the brotherhood of fly tiers you know that he is a meticulous artist and one of the best Atlantic Fly Dressers alive today. He has recruited some of the best fly dressers around to add their knowledge to this compendium of the art. He set out to once-and-for-all put out a book that would be the quintessential guide to Atlantic Salmon Fly dressing, and knowing Mike he would probably be understating his work. I once took a class from him in which we tied one fly for 15 hours. Afterwards he cut off half of it with a razor to redo a section, because it didn't look quite right. His recreation of "Jones Guide To Norway" is a testament to his ability to turn out a first rate product. Alec Jackson is well known in tieing circles and is quality by association in this project. Enough said. Buy one, heck buy 2 at these prices and you won't be disappointed. It will become a collectors item.

    2019-05-25 00:55

    Radencich's book is nicely written and proved very helpful in thje areas of tying instruction and techniques. Color photography is used extensively throughout and is finely detailed. The chapters on custom hook making and fly mounting are nice additions to the book as it really concentrates on presentation type flies. If I have any complaint at all is that the book does devote a lot of its content to complicated modern patterns and not what I considered true "classic" flies. Though many of these flies are beautiful and, without exception beautifully dressed, I was hoping for a more traditional selection. Also included is a great method for substituting Indian Crow, which I'll be attempting soon. I wished for an expanded section on the substitution of the all but impossible to obtain feathers. This is a major issue for the modern tyer of these patterns and would have been a welcome addition. If the feather in some of the fly patterns that is referred to as "speckled bustard substitute" isn't natural bustard I'd be surprised. It sure isn't turkey! Overall I'd highly recommend this book as a guide to the mechanics of fully dressed salmon flies. My flies have been better proportioned and more neatly tied since I began utilizing some of his tips and I've been tying these patterns for over 15 years. Thanks Mr Radencich

  • James J. Ewald
    2019-04-26 19:47

    As expected Mike Radencich has completed a work which will go forward as the quintessential guide to tying Atlantic Salmon Flies. The photography is crisp and the color makes each step of the tying process crystal clear. Where interpretation is all we have to work from, gleaming insights from the authors of the 1800's; this work makes it of utmost importance to spell out the details. Poul Jorgensen took us a certain distance with his book and Ron Alcott's recent attempt added to that. With this book we take a giant step forward to explaining the Salmon Flyer's art. I've waited in anticipation ever since Mike told me he was preparing to write this book. I was expecting a first rate product and as usual Mike surpassed anything I could have wanted. He covers not only the tying art but also includes sections from the various disciplines growing out of it such as hook making, material dyeing, and shadow box framing. He calls on the talents of may of his acquaintances to explain various topi

  • David J. White
    2019-04-30 02:00

    Radencich has produced a work of art in this book. The photographs are outstanding, and there are not enough superlatives to do them justice. The steps are so well done as to present a short course in photos alone. Very well done.As other reviewers have noted, this book is not strong on its historical content or presentation of utilitarian (read: flies for fish...) patterns. It also goes into excruciating detail on wall mounts which while interesting, might have been better spent on other patterns. I found the section on hook making to be very interesting and unique in the literature of salmon flies. This book is hard to put down and sets a new standard of graphics for this genre. Well done, Michael.

  • S. Yamamoto
    2019-05-07 20:12

    Title says all. It's indeed the modern textbook on which contemporary tyers & dressers should consult.I don't think I'm totally wrong to express that, as forming of this book, Mr. Radencich is the organizer of "All-Star" Fly-dressers, as well as a superb photographer!! Look this roster of contributors. Then each contributor = chapter is very dedicated and deeply covering the topic in charge. Tying techniques, fly anatomy, materials and their handling, dyeing, framing, self hook making,........A great volume with full of knowledge and beautiful flies!!One note to share through my experience as a developing fly-dresser, which is never meant to criticize this book:This book would probably be difficult and overwhelming for someone who is just getting interested in tying Atlantic Salmon Flies and just wants to start. Tying instructions and sequences are The Baron (fully-dressed married wing pattern) and a complicated whole-feather wing pattern (and another dee type). Those are definitely too tough for total beginners to start with! Then aforementioned dyeing feathers, framing, hook-making, etc will intimidate potential starters as "do I have to do this much besides tying and buying materials?" So beginners and potential starters, be aware what you would be getting. Would be great if you already have some skills of tying trout flies and know someone who can teach/explain to you.Actually my other recommended read for potential starters is Mr. Radencich's other book: Twenty Salmon Flies, which I will review next.So this book serves as a textbook even for intermediate and expert tyers. Over all, it will never hurt to keep this book in your collection. You will consult every now and then!!- A fly-dresser apprentice

  • paul H
    2019-05-19 01:13

    Excellent work extremely important techniques of the Atlantic Salmon Fly tying and added material to make blind eye hooks and dye feathers

  • defty7
    2019-04-26 20:55

    Although I've been tying flies for many years, I just started tying salmon flies a few months ago. This book came highly recommended and I have not been disappointed. It's a beautiful book with excellent illustrations supporting the text.

  • Michael L. York
    2019-05-02 02:50

    Very good book with detailed instructions by great fly tyers

  • David J .Veilleux
    2019-05-23 19:05

    Once again amazon has come though with a great deal on used books. So happy to add to my collection at a low price. Book was like brand new