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From the moment these two players took the court on opposing sides, they engaged in a fierce physical and psychological battle Their uncommonly competitive relationship came to symbolize the most compelling rivalry in the NBA These were the basketball epics of the 1980s Celtics vs Lakers, East vs West, physical vs finesse, Old School vs Showtime, even white vs black Each pushed the other to greatness together Bird and Johnson collectedeight NBA Championships, six MVP awards and helped save the floundering NBA at its most critical time.When it started they were bitter rivals, but along the way they became lifelong friends With intimate, fly on the wall detail, When the Game Was Ours transports readers to this electric era of basketball and reveals for the first time the inner workings of two players dead set on besting one another.From the heady days of trading championships to the darker days of injury and illness, we come to understand Larrys obsessive devotion to winning and how his demons drove him on the court We hear him talk with candor about playing through chronic pain and its truly exacting toll.In Magic we see a young, invincible star struggle with the sting of defeat, not just as a player but as a team leader We are there the moment he learns hes contracted HIV and hear in his own words how that devastating news impacted his relationships in basketball and beyond.But always, in both cases, we see them prevail.A compelling, up close and personal portrait of basketballs most inimitable duo, When the Game Was Ours is a reevaluation of three decades in counterpoint.It is also a rollicking ride through professional basketballs best times....

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When the Game Was Ours Reviews

  • Dek
    2019-03-19 02:25

    Book definitely not an airball. Delivers and is not just an outsiders view. It's straight from the mouths of two of the greatest ever and the men who played against them. I don't know of any two other athletes that brought out the best in each other like Magic and Bird did. And it should be a blueprint on how the great ones should respect and treat each other: try to beat each other's brains out on the court, respect and emulate character off the court.

  • Richard W. Hudson
    2019-03-17 21:24

    Really I had only modest expectations when I purchased this book as one of the Kindle daily deals. I've read many sports books on topics that are forced. Bird and Magic together? I really had no idea that they were so close. I learned through this book that their bond is legitimate and that made for a great book. The author was excellent and kept the story going. If you are like me and remember the NCAA championship battle between the two and the ensuing NBA finals meetings then I guarantee you will enjoy this book.

  • Money Honey
    2019-02-20 00:25

    "When The Game Was Ours" provides an intimate look into the evolution of the relationship between Larry Bird and Earvin "Magic" Johnson. The book does a great job telling the story of how two men became bitter rivals and eventually close friends. I was relatively young when both men began their careers and wasn't privy to the impact they had on the NBA as a whole, so I especially enjoyed learning about the history of the NBA and how these two men changed it forever. The book is a very easy read and manages to balance the historical aspect with additional insights into both Bird and Magic's relationships with their teammates as well. Unfortunately the latter gets a bit too gossip column for me, and detracts from the overall quality of the book. My only other complaint would be the amount of missing time the book has, for example, while the book does go into detail about Magic's Hall of Fame induction ceremony, it leaves out Larry's entirely. All in all I really enjoyed the book and recommend it for fans of either man, their teams, or the NBA in general.

  • Case
    2019-02-20 20:02

    Excellent book, good stories about Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. I learned things about them both, that I simply didn't know. At the time this story was happening I lived in Indiana and was following Larry Bird at Indiana State. I loved the small school story, being from Indiana, it hit home. I was raised in a small town called Fortville, "Fortville Demons", this would be in the 50's, the population was about 2000, counting the cats & dogs. So, for me it was a great book, ending in the State Championship. Fun to read!

  • hdsnake
    2019-03-15 20:59

    This was a great read for me. I've been a lifelong Celtics fan and naturally, a die hard Lakers hater. This book opened my eyes to the real Larry Bird and Magic Johnson career duel. A very heartwarming story of two of the greatest guys to ever play NBA basketball.

  • Michael Sloane,Tempe,Arizona,United States of America.
    2019-03-06 20:00

    When the Game was Ours is a fantastic book that captures the heart of the Magic-Bird rivalry exceptionally well. the book focuses on their most important wars such as the 1979 NCAA Championship game and their 3 NBA Finals meetings in 1984,1985,and 1987. The book pretty much keeps it's focus on basketball and keeps the human interest stuff to a minimum so that's good. When the Game was Ours is a great book for younger people today to learn about the heart of the golden age of the NBA and those who remember it to relive those times. 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Lori Darrow
    2019-03-03 19:59

    I was in my 20's when all of this happened. This book was extremely interesting looking back at how everything happened. I really did not realize how these 2 impacted the NBA. I wish our athletes now days had the determination they had.

  • Lance & Amy
    2019-02-24 21:10

    Magic vs. Bird was something that existed more as something on ESPN classic for me as their rivalry was peaking about the time I was born, but I always found the dynamic between the two fascinating. The book was a great read giving great insight to both their personal and professional lives, and just what their rivalry and friendship meant to each other. I only knock this down from 5 stars because I felt the book leads you to believe that you are going to get more direct stories and quotes from Magic and Larry than you actually get.