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THE RESTART OF TIME Cut off by time, the travelers have arrived in Fei Wang Reeds dimension to get Sakura back But Fei Wang has been waiting for them, and theyre in for the ultimate fight The witch Yko finally brings into play that odd cylinder shes had in her keeping, and whats inside gives Syaoran the shock of her life...

Title : Tsubasa 27 (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Band 27)
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ISBN : 0345520718
ISBN13 : 978-0345520715
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Del Rey Auflage 01 27 Juli 2010
Number of Pages : 192 Seiten
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Tsubasa 27 (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Band 27) Reviews

  • Vanessa de Jesus
    2019-03-26 19:54

    The Manga arrived quickly and in neat conditions. I was very well packed so that no damages occurred during transportation. I'm loving the story already!

  • Daniel Slack
    2019-04-20 19:53

    When Sakura, princess of the Kingdom of Clow, goes to visit her childhood friend Syaoran in a ruins from the kingdom, a pair of ghostly wings appear from her and disintegrate. Clow's High Priest Yukito transports Syaoran and Sakura's catatonic body to the world from the Dimensional Witch Yūko Ichihara whom Syaoran begs for help to recover Sakura's feathers which would save her. She is also visited by the wizard Fai D. Flowright who wishes never to return to his world and Kurogane, a ninja who wishes to return to his world. The three pay for a means to travel throughout dimensions with Kurogane's being his sword, Fai's a magical tattoo, and Syaoran's all of the memories Sakura ever had about him. Yūko then presents them with a creature named Mokona Modoki that transports them to the republic of Hanshin where the group is hosted by the couple of Sorata and Arashi Arisugawa. As Mokona will not go to another world until finding a feather, Kurogane and Fai join Syaoran in investigating the city in search for the feather.Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle contains several character crossovers from other CLAMP series; however, in most cases, they may have the same name and look like a character from another series, but their personality or circumstances may be very different. In this volume, there are crossovers from six different CLAMP series.

  • JamMasterN
    2019-04-22 02:55

    As one of Del Rey's premiere manga titles in the US, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE is quite a nice start. Basically, its story involves alternate universe versions of *MANY* different charactes from previous CLAMP series, along with new characters original to this particular comic, as they hop from parallel world to parallel world on their long-ranging quest, ala Sliders. The story is well told and translated, though a bit overly quick at times. Of course, multiple universe spanning stories like Tsubasa do tend to move at a faster pace than other adventures, so it's not really too surprising, just an issue of pacing that one can easily adjust to. As for the art, it too is quite nice, but, as is traditional for CLAMP, it can get quite busy and hard to interpret at times, most notably in action scenes. If one is used to CLAMP's art style from their earlier works, it shouldn't be a big deal, but people new to them might find it confusing. Also, for some reason, the character designs seem slightly different from previous titles of theirs, such as Magic Knight Rayearth and X/1999. Whether this is due to a gradual change in their artwork, or a switch in who exactly does the penciling among the CLAMP team itself, I cannot say. Regardless, the art quality is still most acceptable, especially once one adjusts to its more hectic traits. Surprisingly, the book also comes with a number of extras, such as a preview of xxxHOLiC and the next Tsubasa GN, as well as notes about the Japanese language and the various characters in the series. I'm glad that this trend is spreading to so many graphic novels in the US now. Ultimately, the only reason I didn't give the debut of Tsubasa a perfect five stars is due to the paper stock used in its printing, which is slightly rougher than that of the usual GN. If Del Rey can upgrade the paper quality a bit in the future, it would erase my only real qualm with this release, and even that qualm is relatively small. All in all, I am happy with the final product, and look forward to more of Tsubasa in the future, among other titles from Del Rey. Pick it up if you can :)

  • Yannick
    2019-04-16 20:00

    An action manga with plenty of romance going around. The main character Syaoran goes on an adventure with his comrades in order to find all of the feather across alternate worlds for the sake of restoring Princess Sakura's memory. However the price to pay is a hefty one. Even if Sakura's memory is restored; she will never be able to remember Syaoran.

  • Kindle Customer
    2019-04-19 03:02

    You might want to see my comments on XXXholic: it gives my general impression of CLAMP in general. I won't repeat myself here.I have not read any of the tie-in books (except for XXXholic, all of the rest were too "kawaii" for this otaku), so my impression is of this book alone.My overall impression of this book was favorable. I will probably buy the next book in the series just to find out what happens (damn you, CLAMP! all your attention-span are belong to us!)The reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 4 is a nit pick: I didn't like the art in the dimensional travel panels. It was just too chaotic for my taste. Now, there are those who would say "well,duh, it's interdimensional's supposed to be chaotic!" There's chaotic and beautiful, and chaotic and messy. This was chaotic and messy.Fortunately, the travel panels are less than 10% of the book, so if you can wade through the transitions you're going to have a neat story on your hands.

  • Eliana Barrios
    2019-03-26 20:47

    Best ... but not as the 28!