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After scoring decisive victories in both Dacia and Nordland, Major Tanya Degurechaff now must lead her troops into another battle with the great powers The chance of total victory is finally within grasp but is the Empire too drunk on their recent successes to move when the time comes...

Title : The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Vol. 3 (light novel)
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ISBN : 0316512486
ISBN13 : 978-0316512480
Format Type : Other Book
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Yen Press 31 Juli 2018
Number of Pages : 192 Seiten
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The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Vol. 3 (light novel) Reviews

  • LikesSF
    2019-05-26 02:19

    an adorable evil.i very much like how the other characters act and react in relation to Tanya.price / page ratio is ok.eine dämonin die man gern haben muss.die art und weise wie die anderen charaktere in bezug auf Tanya agieren und reagieren macht richtig laune.preis / seiten verhältnis ist gut.

  • Tester
    2019-04-29 18:02

    This is the end and a tiny bit more of the Anime. The book is well written and a ton of fun to read 10/10

  • Dat Reviewer You Ignore
    2019-05-12 01:12

    In Vol 3 of the Light Novel series, Carlo Zen continues to show he has a great understanding of WWI history and tactics, and uses this knowledge to paint a interesting alternative version of the Great War. Personally one of my biggest pet peeves in War Novels is the misunderstanding of tactics, most sides usually run at each other with the occasional flanking attack.Zen implements encirclements, feints, shock and awe, among many other tactics in the series, and clearly understands how mages would impact these tactics.However, I have one modern criticism when it comes to something this novel reveals, I believe cuts to the other dimension with heavenly beings is unnecessary. Showing them plotting against Tanya takes me out of the story, I think it would be a much more interesting dynamic if we didn't know if hardships thrown in Tanya's way was a result of Being X's influence or not. To show Tanya fight with paranoia anytime something comes her way.If this was a shorter part I wouldn't have mind, but it was a nice little sized chunk in a strange location of the novel, which made me mark it down.The Saga of Tanya the Evil is still by far one of my favorite book series I have read, and can't wait to see what Zen puts out next!

  • Arby
    2019-05-19 01:09

    The Great war proceeds on its inevitable course toward the empire's destrruction, or does it? The jpker in the deck is still our heroine Tanya the indomitable gard dog from Hell! If she can finally get the respect of her superiors enough to give her some real authority I believe she can salvage a win out of this mess; or at least a negotiated peace!

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-04-30 23:58

    Yes more please and Thank you.

  • Robert Fisher
    2019-05-14 23:04

    I received three manga today from Amazon. The first two I read proved less than satisfactory. However, I have greatly liked the first two volumes of The Saga of Tanya the Evil and the third maintains the power. At the end of Volume 2, things looked good for Tanya. She was at the War College, away from the battlefield, so you could say that she got everything she wanted. However, Tanya, in trying to impress a superior officer, might have talked herself back to the front. I concur with other reviewers who have noted how people often misunderstand her motivations. There is a great scene of Tanya having lunch with a fellow officer and it lets us see just how unsettling she is. The volume concludes with an interview with artist Chika Tojo and it has a number of behind the scenes insights. The Saga of Tanya the Evil remains a superb series and twisted as she is, Tanya has become a favorite character, one who certainly came through on what had been a bad manga day.

  • Jeffery reed
    2019-05-03 18:17

    I liked it because it was in good condition. The products is a book.