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An updated edition of a comprehensive study of the theory that mind exists, in some form, in all living and nonliving things....

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Panpsychism in the West (Mit Press) Reviews

  • Allan M. Savage
    2019-03-10 04:52

    Skrbina writes a book about theories, not a theory, he claims (p.2). He restricts his discussion to the notion of “mind” as it has been understood from various perspectives in living and non-living things in this philosophical history. Panpsychism, as a philosophical perspective, links beings and mind in a way no other system does, he maintains. However, due to the data and context in which he philosophizes he is confined to discussing his position from within a Hellenized philosophical perspective. His work is a western philosophical treatise and this is reflected in the title words, “in the West.” Perhaps, at a later date, a book might appear entitled, Panpsychism in Philosophy. With that as a possibility, I view, Skrbina’s work as a preamble to a discussion on “mind” within a de-Hellenized, that is, Western conception of epistemology uninfluenced by Greek notions. I view Skrbina’s perspective on Panpsychism, as part of an evolutionary process leading to a possible de-Hellenized understanding of mind. Whether or not such de-Hellenization is his intent is conjecture on my part. However, he hopes to introduce us into a broader concept of mind that may arise from considering “the evolution of panpsychist thought from the time of the pre-Socratics through the present” (p. 22). He does this successfully within the Hellenist heritage. As a sub-stratum to theology, my own discipline, Skrbina’s critical philosophical history provides theologians with the incentive to re-visit the philosophical underpinnings of western theology although this is not his intent (p.2). Even though Panpsychism in the West, as a theory about theories, does not attempt a philosophical de-Hellenization it does offer to theologians a sub-stratum from which to re-conceive the person as sharing in mind-like qualities with the rest of its environment. From my perspective, the broader concept of mind Skrbina seeks may be found in a de-Hellenized worldview.

  • n.b
    2019-03-12 05:10

    An excellent review of a subject that once you get to know is hard to remain neutral on! I felt like I was participating in a lecture course and the work was well paced.Skrbina presents a developed historical review and remains on-track without glossing important topics. A knowledgeable reader will be rewarded but not taxed and a novice might find themselves led to a rather glorious conclusion.

  • Dr. Richard G. Petty
    2019-03-10 12:08

    An outstanding piece of work that shows that philosophy CAN be a lot more interesting than watching paint dry!The deanimation of Nature was a great sleight of hand of the Enlightenment. There is progressively more evidence that the notion that the whole Universe is comprised of nothing but cleverly arranged inanimate objects is fundamentally flawed. This fine book does not present us with a definitive answer or solution: it is rather an examination of the concept that Mind exists in some form throughout the phenomenal world and beyond it. It emphasizes that this apparently heretical concept is a legitmate field of inquiry.This book is well written and deserves a wide readership, particularly amongst those who have enjoyed the insights of Ken Wilber, Ervin Laszlo and Christian de Quincey. I wish that it would also be read by some of my friends and colleagues in the scientific community, but I fear that is a vain hope!

  • Historical Jesus nut
    2019-03-04 11:20

    A remarkable book on an overlooked phenomenon.

  • Tam Hunt
    2019-02-23 07:58

    Skrbina presents a masterful history of panpsychism and its more modern cousin, panexperientialism. He also provides solid arguments of his own as to why the universe we dwell in is very likely panexperiential. His book, with David Ray Griffin's Unsnarling the World-Knot (which I came to by reading Skrbina's book) provided me the inspiration and intellectual arsenal to write my own book challenging the prevailing "crude materialism" of our times. Highly recommended reading for laymen and academics.

  • Robert Benfatto
    2019-03-10 11:54

    Boring. Interesting subject made boring. Read Spinoza or Seneca instead.