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The hilarious sequel to the prize winning, international bestseller The Day the Crayons Quit Watch out the crayons are back and they re crosser than ever One day Duncan receives a set of postcards from his crayons who have been lost, forgotten, broken even melted in a clothes dryer and stuck to a sock A hilarious text and joyful illustrations combine to show that crayons have feelings too in this laugh out loud sequel to bestselling picture book The Day the Crayons Quit....

Title : The Day the Crayons Came Home
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ISBN : 0008124442
ISBN13 : 978-0008124441
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Harper Collins Publ UK 28 Juli 2016
Number of Pages : 48 Seiten
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The Day the Crayons Came Home Reviews

  • WinnieAR
    2019-04-24 00:11

    This is a great follow up book to 'The day the crayons quit'.My kiddies loved it and I did too!

  • delicateflower152
    2019-04-08 03:22

    Drew Daywalt does it again! His latest book “The Day the Crayons Came Home” once more features Duncan and his very unusual, very verbose crayons. Humorous postcards, written by different, individual colors of crayon, will have you laughing aloud at their complaints, misadventures, and revelations. (Be sure to note the postcard’s description – when shown.) Since they are traveling a long distance to reach home or need assistance to leave, several of the crayons do send multiple postcards. With the exception of yellow and orange crayons, the colors in this book are different from those in the previous “The Day the Crayons Quit”. The humor in the postcard’s written text may be gentle, snarky, or it may be making a point about the featured crayon’s feelings. Every postcard is funny and fun to read.Oliver Jeffers’ illustrations – childlike crayon drawings and lettering – add significantly to the book’s appeal and highlight the dilemmas faced by each color. Younger readers may find the child-like lettering a bit difficult to decipher. On the other hand, they may be able to assist adult readers who are having difficulty reading the childlike printing.One of my favorite things about Drew Daywalt’s two books is that the crayons reflect both readers’ and listeners’ emotions. Duncan’s crayons do have very human feelings and reactions to the events in their lives. Those in “The Day the Crayons Quit” are more representative of adults and their workplace attitudes. In “The Day the Crayons Came Home”, the crayons express feelings that are more familiar to children – feeling forgotten, disliking their own name and wanting to change it, needing help to run away from home.“The Day the Crayons Quit” is one of my grandson’s favorite bedtime books. I am sure that “The Day the Crayons Came Home” will be, too. It is a fun-filled, funny book. It will engage and entertain both young readers and adults. I recommend you add this wonderful, imaginative book to your library.

  • Valbona
    2019-03-30 03:15

    Anyone who has read “The day the crayons quit” should definitely read “The day the crayons came home,” to their children (grandchildren, friends, and family). Mine were looking forward for the book to arrive on the mail as it did yesterday. Parts of the story from the crayons is a continuation of the first book. My son was a bit sad as he realized how the crayons felt when being neglected by Duncan, as he does the same sometimes.I got to admit the pages where the “glow in the dark” crayon is super cool. We will continue to read this book and will definitely add more to my review. As a mom this book wins in so many ways, creativity, pictures, story, and truthfulness. I mean how many of us end up sitting, crushing, braking, or simply throwing a crayon away. We might think a bit differently from now on.... Love, love, absolutely love it.

  • TM of 4
    2019-03-25 04:57

    I love this book as much as my kids do (if not more). I didn't think a second book could be quite as funny as the first one. However, I was proven wrong. This book is hilarious!My children (ages 3 and 5) love this book! It is an easy read, so creative, and the pictures are fantastic.There is a glow-in-the-dark page, however, it did not glow for us. If we left it in the light for a while, it might work. However, the glow feature isn't necessary, as the book is fabulous by itself!Drew Daywalt has done it again! A creative, laugh out loud, and fun book to read. I highly recommend to children from about 2.5 to adult! You absolutely couldn't go wrong purchasing for a younger child, as they will enjoy this book for years to come. As a parent, I could read both books (The Day The Crayons Quit and The Day The Crayons Came Home) over and over again.

  • Librarian Laura
    2019-04-19 23:16

    So cute!Sometimes when an author writes a follow-up to a popular book, the second one is disappointing. This one is just as funny as the first book, The Day the Crayons Quit. It has a few returning characters with mostly new crayons, a winning combination.It's a must-have for libraries and a must-read for any fans of funny books with a great message.

  • Liz
    2019-04-07 03:57

    This is the cutest book. I bought it for my cousin who is having a baby so they can read together, then I bought a copy for my class of second graders. It is one of those books that kids will enjoy reading because it is humorous for their age. I picked it up at B&N and started reading out loud to my mother, and a crowd of kids and adults gathered to listen as I read a few of the crayons post cards. Luckily, Amazon was less expensive!